Best Clear Aligners in India

Best Clear Aligners in India
32 Watts Clear Aligner

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    Do you put your hands on your mouth while smiling? Or it’s just those two or three-tooth that are bothering you and now allowing you complete freedom. Well, there is an option that can help you to get straight teeth without any trouble. A perfect smile leaves a great impression on others. In fact, they can remember your bright smile for the rest of their lives. Clear Aligners is doing the same and can do it for you as well so the Best Invisible Aligners in India are 32 Watts Clear Aligners .

    Best Clear Aligners in India

    Clear Aligner treatment has been taken by millions and further counting is on. Aligner can help to correct many mal-aligned teeth positions. You can straighten your crooked, overbite, underbite and gaps between teeth in a very convenient way. Aligners are invisible, comfortable, and almost painless, it allows you to eat whatever you want, and these advantages make the aligner treatment preferable over the other available options. Clear aligners can correct your teeth if you have a:

    • Crooked Teeth,
    • Gaps between Teeth,
    • Malocclusions

    We would like to introduce an alternative to braces, Clear Aligners. Clear aligners could be your choice if you want to correct your teeth without others letting know. Clear aligners are made from transparent plastic that makes them invisible to others. The treatment process of a clear aligner follows many stages to produce a fine series of invisible, removable and comfortable aligners. It includes:

    Best & Affordable Clear Aligners in Delhi-NCR, India

    A quick overview of clear aligners procedure.

    • Consultation
    • Treatment Planning
    • Aligner Making
    • Treatment Progress & Review
    • Achievement of the Desired Smile In Predicted Time

    32 Watts Clear Aligners are the practically invisible method of aligning teeth without any use of braces or brackets. Clear Aligners uses the latest technology and equipment to produce these clear aligners and corrects your smile more effectively. Every aligner is designed to shift or move your teeth towards an ideal position and finally gives you the beautiful smile after completing the treatment successfully. Clear Aligners cost is very reasonable, anyone looking for an aesthetical and comfortable way of teeth straightening can reach them directly or with their associated clinics all over Delhi-NCR and other major parts of India.

    For the past 2 years, Clear Aligners has been successfully established themselves as a clear aligner manufacturer & provider and corrected thousands of smiles. If you are the one looking for clear aligners treatment in Delhi-NCR or anywhere from India can go for Clear Aligners. During your first or initial consultation with a certified 32 Watts Clear Aligners clinic doctor will discuss all available option to correct your teeth. After discussion, the doctor will evaluate your profile to see whether you are a perfect candidate for clear aligners or not. If you are a suitable candidate for the treatment then the treatment plan is drawn up.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners


      Cost of Best Invisible Braces/Clear Aligners

      The cost of aligners completely depends on what type of treatment your orthodontist recommends to you for your teeth correction. There are also other factors due to which the aligners cost differ whether in terms of manufacturer, quality, number of aligners, lab charges.

      Clear Aligners has the latest equipment and technology to produce high-quality clear aligner. Here the team crafts 3D models of the patient by using a 3D printer imported from Germany. The transparent thin sheet used in clear aligners makes them clear and it is BPA free which means this plastic is safe to put in the mouth. After preparing the required aligners for a patient an expert gives them the final touch for cleaning then packs the aligners for delivery. Upon delivery of the aligners – aligners have to be worn at all times, only can be removed at the time of eating and drinking. Each aligner has a laser marking for using them in the right order. Patients are required to clean their aligners along with their teeth in the morning and night. It will make your clear aligners gums free and they will remain healthy all the time. You may require some monthly visits to regular check-ups and the case progress.

      How 32 Watts Clear Aligners is better than any other?

      There are a number of clear aligner providers in India some are from other countries and some are promoting their products in India. But 32 Watts Clear Aligners has taken this initiative to provide all types of clear aligner services by using Indian manpower and technology. They have an in-house team of orthodontists who plans the treatment, CAD/CAM for designing and imported 3D printing machine for printing the models.

      The team is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for correcting the patients smile. Everything is done under the same roof without compromising quality and services. If we talk in points,  Clear Aligners is:

      • Fastest growing clear aligner provider in India, also serving foreign patients.
      • A team of rich and high expertise in Orthodontics.
      • Corrects almost any kind of malocclusion.
      • Delivers starter kit in 4-5 working days.
      • During course review and correction is also provided when needed.
      • 3D Teeth scanning facility at your doorstep or clinic.
      • Full clinical and technical support throughout the treatment.

      Request a call back from Clear Aligners by sending ‘Call Me’ to 97739 00267 and you will surely get a call within the next 24 working hours or visit www.32Watts.com to know more about Best Clear Aligners in India


      6 Hidden Facts of Invisalign Clear Aligners

      6 Hidden Facts of Invisalign Clear Aligners

      Welcome to the strange world of orthodontics. As a common man one hardly seems to know what is going on behind the scenes while our teeth are getting straightened either by metal braces or invisible braces (clear aligners as they are called). There are many options you can choose from while you decide to straighten your crooked teeth. You can go for metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces or invisible braces. If you are a teenager or a young adult, you might be slightly apprehensive to use metal braces for aesthetic reasons. Most young or older adults these days choose to opt for clear aligners as they don’t show. One such company which has been in the aligner market for the longest time is Invisalign (Invisalign Facts). They may be one of the oldest in this domain but to remain at the top of the spectrum they do make a lot of claims which if you see closely will reveal the truth behind them.

      6 Hidden Facts of Invisalign Clear Aligners
      6 Hidden Facts of Invisalign Clear Aligners

      Invisalign Facts : Layers in the sheet-Really?

      One such claim is the layering pattern on their aligners. The company claims that the layering pattern comes from the x number of layers on the sheet. Can someone apply some common sense here? A thermoforming blank may have a trillion layers or a galaxy of designs, but when you heat the blank upwards of 100 degrees centigrade, will any polymer retain that design? NEVER

      It goes without saying that all such claims are nothing but marketing gimmicks to which people easily fall prey. Any pattern that is visible on a finished aligner is actually what gets transferred to the thermoforming blank (sheet) from the 3D printed model. The layering effect caused by the 3D printing technology on the dental model is transferred to the sheet during the process of thermoforming because heat and pressure transfer the pattern on the model to the sheet.

      Aligner Efficacy

      The layering pattern may seem attractive on the aligner but there is a downside to it. The more the layers on the 3D printed model, the lesser the accuracy of the 3D printing. Each layer on the 3D printed model denotes its printing precision. As research says that more precise the 3D printed model, higher the efficacy of the aligner.

      It does make a lot of sense when we are incorporating movements of few hundred microns per aligner, that the 3D printed model be precise to the closest micron.

      India being such a price sensitive market, who cares about quality and precision even if it is a medical device.

      We do damn care about a heart stent because it poses a higher life risk but when it comes to teeth they never fall under emergency or life-threatening treatment category.

      Companies like Invisalign are making a huge buck by fooling the common-sense lacking practitioners.

      Why charge so much?

      There are hundreds of aligner companies globally who are doing a good job by providing an effective treatment option. Invisalign is charging a premium for the same service and quality that the other companies are providing at a much reasonable price. It is all a marketing gimmick being practised by Invisalign to charge a hefty premium. Aligners are not a desifgner product which should have any exclusivity, rather it is a medical device meant for correction of dental malocclusions and should be well within the reach of each and every patient.

      The Blue Dot and its truth

      There are many issues that a treating doctor may have to face while treating a case with clear aligners. The largest concern dentists have to face is patient compliance as aligner is a removable device. It is extremely difficult to ensure and assess patient compliance. Although Invisalign aligners have a blue dot on the aligners which is for the purpose of assessing patient compliance. The blue marker fades away after 2 weeks if the patient has continuously worn the aligners for 22 hours each day. But this compliance indicator is not an objective indicator of patient compliance. This indicator can be tweaked by keeping the aligner in a warm water (35 – 55 degrees centigrade) for a few hours. The blue dot also loses its colour in a solution of acidic aerated soft drinks. Cleaning the aligners in a dishwasher using dishwasher cleaning tablets also makes the blue dot lose colour. Therefore, these compliance indicators are not at all objective in the true sense.

      Aligner fitting, breakage and tracking issues

      Patients using the Invisalign system also face fitting and tracking issues as any other aligner company. These issues are never brought forth by the company. There are breakages and uneven finishing issues also. All aligner systems are prone to all the above issues, but to think that Invisalign patients do not face any problems ever would be a farfetched statement.

      Treatment plans made by technicians

      When it comes to treatment planning, which is the key to a successful aligner treatment, Invisalign relies on trained technicians to plan their cases. Whereas orthodontic planning requires a lot of orthodontic knowledge and expertise to plan a case successfully. Lot of aligner companies rely on the expertise of orthodontists to plan the cases.

      So we can finally conclude by saying that Invisalign Facts may be the largest aligner company today because they started 20 years ago and definitely have the first movers advantage but other aligner companies are also providing equally efficient treatment options at a much reasonable price. All is not true about Invisalign as it seems to be. Keep your senses intact before you fall prey to the marketing gimmicks of the bigwigs.