10 Things You Need To Know Before Having Aligner Treatment

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Clear Aligner treatment has been taken by millions and the number is further counting. Aligners can help to correct many mal-aligned teeth conditions. You can straighten your crooked teeth, overbite, underbite and gaps between teeth in a very convenient way. Aligners are invisible, comfortable, and almost painless, it allows you to eat whatever you want, and these advantages make the aligner treatment preferable over the other available options. But, there are 10 things you need to know before having Aligner Treatment.


Things You Need To Know Before Having Aligner Treatment

  1. No Use of Wire, Brackets And Rubber Bands

It is the most significant advantage of clear aligners therefore, you should consider them for yourself. In the traditional braces treatment, you have to wear a metallic wire with brackets and tiny rubber bands that looks weird when you open your mouth. Also, there are more risks of getting hurt and injured. Whereas in aligners, they are transparent and clear. Therefore, no one will know you are straightening your teeth by an orthodontic appliance.

  1. No Impact On Your Professional, Social And Personal Life:

Clear aligners are hard to notice. Aligners let you enjoy every moment of your life without any worry. As aligners are invisible, it won’t affect your professional life whether you work in an organization or are self-employed. Many of you hesitate to interact with new people, speaking in front of friends, or even getting pictures clicked just because of your poor smile but these awkward moments won’t happen if you are using aligners. Unlike braces, aligners work silently without being noticed by anyone.

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  1.  You Can See The Final Result Before Starting The Treatment:

When you consult a licensed orthodontist, he/she will discuss all the options available in your case. After completing the technical part (3D scanning/teeth impressions, intra-oral & extra oral photos, X-rays), they come up with your treatment plan including the required teeth movement, the number of aligners, treatment duration etc. They will show you how your teeth will look like after the treatment ends. For the determined result, you must be committed to wearing aligners for 22 hours in a day and follow all the guidelines provided to take care of your aligners.

  1. Attachments May Be Required:

Many of you are aware of attachments, they are used in complex cases when an extra amount of force is required to move certain teeth. There will be no pain when your orthodontist places the attachment on your teeth. They are also invisible as they are tooth coloured and won’t hurt you. To know more about attachment refer to the following blog:

What are teeth attachments?

32 Watts Clear Aligner

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  1. No Eating & Drinking Restriction with Aligners:

This advantage is for you if you are a foodie. Aligners allow you to enjoy any meal and drink you want to. Simply, remove the aligners, store them in the provided carry case and rest you know. You should clean your mouth before re-inserting the aligners because the food particle can discolour them and they will lose their transparency.

  1. Clear Aligners Are Not For Everyone:

Aligners can treat mild to moderate and a few severe cases. If you have a crooked, mal-aligned, poor bite, and gaps in teeth then you are a candidate for clear aligners. Before assuming clear aligner as your treatment option, you must consult an orthodontist who can judge your case better and tell you whether you qualify for aligner treatment or not.

  1. Cost May Vary Case To Case:

Aligners are affordable if you want a perfect smile comfortably, smoothly, conveniently. The cost of the aligner is slightly more than the metal braces but the ultimate result is the same i.e. to straighten teeth. The overall cost of the aligners is completely dependent on each type of case. For example: if only mild refinements need to be done then the cost will be less, as the severity increases the cost will also increase.

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  1. Aligners Require Your Attention For Maintenance:

As aligners are made up of medical-grade plastic trays, you need to pay more attention to its maintenance. You cannot leave your aligners anywhere when you are not wearing them. Doing so can invite bacteria to infect the aligners. Aligners must be cleaned with a soft-bristle toothbrush with the recommended toothpaste. Before and after the use of aligners make sure your mouth and aligners are properly clean. Furthermore, teeth brushing, flossing, rinsing are easy with clear aligners which is very tough in case of metallic braces.

  1. When To Switch To A New Set Of Aligners:

Orthodontists recommend wearing each aligner for 14 days for allowing them to work properly. This duration has come from different studies and research. Doctors have tried on the duration of aligner use on many patients from 7 days to 20 days but found 14 days as the best duration. Aligners can gradually move your teeth within 2-3 days but to remain in the new position you need to wear them for next 10-11 days and then switch to a new set of aligners. Always switch to new aligners before bedtime.

  1. No Age Limit:

Many of you must be thinking about whether it will be too early or too late to start the clear aligner treatment. Teens and adults are preferring aligners over the other available options. We have also seen patients of 50-60 age group who have been using the aligners. To be very clear, the present time is the perfect time for using aligner treatment if you are an eligible candidate for it.

Hopefully, we were able to provide you 10 Things You Need To Know Before Having Aligner Treatment information that you didn’t know earlier. Aligners are the best alternative to metallic braces that can bring a confident smile for you. To know more about aligners, explore our blog section.

Ways to Make Your Aligner Treatment More Comfortable

Ways to Make Your Aligner Treatment More Comfortable
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Clear Aligners are an aesthetically orthodontic appliance used for teeth straightening. Anyone who is undergoing this treatment surely wants to know ‘how to make the aligner treatment more comfortable and faster?’ In any dental treatment, the patient plays a vital role towards its progress and result. Somehow, patient behavior can affect the quality and timeline of the treatment. As much as you fulfill the commitments of your treatment, the treatment will end with the desired result.

Ways to Make Your Aligner Treatment More Comfortable

Wear Your Aligners Full Time: Aligners must be worn for 22 hours per day for a regular period of 14 days before switching to the new set of the aligners. Aligners only work if you wear them for the prescribed time. In fact, in the initial 48 hours try to wear aligners as much as possible because in the first two to three days aligners move your teeth and for the rest of the days they maintain the new position of the teeth. Of course, you can remove them for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

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Put The Aligners In At Night: Try to switch your aligners before bedtime. This will allow them to adjust properly while you sleep and when you will wake up in the morning, you will find the aligners comfortable.

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Use Chewies and Outie Tool: These tools come with the aligner box. They are specially designed to make the aligner insertion and removal process more comfortable. Many patients have complex teeth structure due to which they find it difficult to insert and remove the aligners. When you insert the aligner in your mouth, bite on the chewies slowly. By doing this, the aligners will snugly fit over your teeth. Outie tool is like a hockey stick. Outie pops the aligner trays out quickly and easily. It is more beneficial if you have any tooth attachments.

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Keep Your Mouth and Aligners Clean: If the aligners and your mouth are not clean, then things will not work out as planned. An unhygienic mouth can invite bacteria and plague to enter the aligners; this will affect the aligner quality and performance. Brush or rinse your mouth properly every time you eat and then put the aligners back in your mouth. So make sure your mouth and aligners are clean always.

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Keep Aligners in a Safe Place: Clear aligners are compact and clear, and some patients find them easy to misplace. Therefore, it is important always to store the aligners in the provided carry case, when not in use. Never put them elsewhere in your pocket, bag, etc. Don’t wrap up them in a napkin also. Many patients have been found contacting their doctors for damage or misplaced aligners, to get the same pair again. Keep the aligners away from the kids and pets if you have.

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Have Some Patience: Good results do not come quickly. You should be patient while the treatment is going on. Don’t switch to the new aligner before 14 days if you do not feel any movement after wearing them for 3-4 days. Slow down; they are working fine. Aligners give you the flexibility to eat and drink whatever you want but make sure your aligners are not off for more than 2 hours in a period of 24 hours.

So, these were the ways to make your aligner treatment more comfortable. Clear aligners are more comfortable, convenient and hassle-free than metallic or ceramic braces. If you are seeking a teeth alignment treatment consult an orthodontist and ask for clear aligners.