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    If you are looking for Invisible braces cost in India Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh then this article for you | Orthodontic braces are available in a wide range of costs. Beginning at a humble ₹ 18,000 up to ₹ 4,00,000 based on multiple factors such as:

    • Brand of Dental Braces chosen
    • City where the patient lives
    • Location of the clinic in a city
    • Orthodontic Charges

    Dental/Orthodontics Braces are available in many varieties today. Metal, Ceramic, Translucent, Self-Ligating, and Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces in India.

    But, there is still a major deterrent to orthodontic braces treatment. The cost of these different types of braces.

    Invisible Braces Cost In India Starting From ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 2,50,000

    Invisible Braces Cost in India

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    Good quality braces brands are often a little bit more expensive than the poor quality ones, but bring about fast, controlled movements to make sure your treatment is completed in time.

    Another type of orthodontic treatment that is increasingly becoming popular is clear aligners, also called invisible braces. They are essentially transparent trays that are worn on the upper and lower teeth to bring about movement. You may have seen some advertisements for these kinds of trays and how comfortable they are.

    Invisible Braces cost in Delhi-NCR | Noida | Gurgaon

    The price of Invisible Braces in Delhi-NCR (Noida & Gurgaon) begins at INR 40,000 upwards and is based on the brand of aligners, the location of the clinic, the complexity of the case and the doctor’s experience. In some cases, it can go as far up as INR 2 lakhs. Costs are often found to be higher in South Delhi as compared to the rest of the city and nearby NCR region.

    Invisible Braces Cost in Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon Ranging From ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 1,50,000

    Invisible Braces cost in Hyderabad | Telangana

    In Hyderabad, Cost varies from patient profile & complexity of the case. Clear braces cost in Hyderabad is well within the affordable range. Invisible Braces cost In Hyderabad starting from ₹ 45,000 to ₹ 1.5 Lakhs

    The city has known for its excellent healthcare, including dental treatments.

    Invisible Braces cost in Mumbai | Maharashtra

    In Mumbai, the charges of Invisible Braces are the highest among all cities and in some areas. This is attributed to the overall high cost of living in the city. For some foreign companies of invisible braces, their costs begin at INR 1,00,000 and can go up to INR 4 lakhs based on the brand of aligners, the location of the clinic, the experience of the doctor, and the complexity of the case.

    Invisible Braces cost In Mumbai start From ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 1,50,000

    Invisible Braces cost in Bangalore

    In Bangalore, the price of invisible braces in starting from INR 60,000 to 1,50,000 & based on the complexity of the teeth structure, charges can go up to ₹ 2 lakhs. Bangalore has a relatively higher cost of living compared to other cities. Being an IT hub with a large population of young people, the city boasts of multiple invisible braces clinics/hospital that offer a wide range of choices to choose from. The clear aligners cost in Bangalore in this city is very affordable.

    Simple cases might start from ₹ 50,000 and severe cases from ₹ 2,00,000 depending on specific malfunction.

    Invisible Braces cost in Chennai

    In Chennai, the dental treatment costs begin at INR 50,000 and go up to INR 1,50,000. There are many local, national, and international brands of aligners that are available and begin as cheap as INR 45,000. However, the quality of many of these aligners has not been established. With the growing urbanization in most cities in the state, the demand for clear aligners has been constantly on the rise.

    Invisible Braces cost in Kolkata

    Kolkata is a big city with affordable options for invisible braces. The cost varies based on the suburb within the city. Invisible braces cost in Kolkata range of INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000. Clear Invisible aligners help in teeth straightening. Anyone suffering from mal-aligned teeth, overbite, cross-bite, gaps in teeth can take aligner treatment after consulting an orthodontist.

    Aligners India Clear Aligners are suitable for all ages. However, the patient must have all permanent teeth to become active.

    Why Choose Aligners India Clear Aligners?

    After coming this far in the article, one may ask “Why should I choose clear aligners for treating my crooked teeth? Why can’t I just go with traditional braces?” Well, though traditional braces are the cheaper alternative to get your teeth straightened, clear aligners have an obvious edge.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      Those invisible braces companies that have their labs outside the country charge more for logistics and transportation. However, some companies such as Aligners India Clear Aligners are based out of Delhi-NCR and have invisible Braces Cost an in-house lab charge much lesser due to reduced lab costs.

      Braces Vs

      Clear Aligners

      Braces Clear Aligners
      Treats Malocclusions Yes Yes
      Visibility and Aesthetics No Yes
      Comfortable to Gums and Teeth No Yes
      Staining, Cracks, breakage No Yes
      Cuts, ulcers or other side effects No Yes
      Removable No Yes

      Most doctors and clinics in today offer different payment options, including easy EMI options to make sure patients are able to choose the treatment that they want without the cost being a hindrance. If you want to opt for clear aligner treatment, ask your orthodontist for the best quality aligners, that are effective in treatment as well as within your budget.

      Invisible Braces Cost in India

      Top 5 Factors of Invisible Braces Cost

      • City: Like most commodities and products, aligners are slightly more expensive in urban set-ups and big cities.
      • Locality: Like in every city, some areas are more expensive than the rest and this minor cost difference is observed in the charges of Invisible clear aligners. However, this increase is barely significant and the cost of Invisible Braces largely the same across a city or region of the country.
      • Lab costs: Clear aligners, unlike traditional/Metal braces, are custom-fit trays that are made for each patient. Therefore, your orthodontist will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and send it to the lab for planning out your treatment and making your trays. A large part of the treatment cost of Invisible braces is charged by the lab.
      • 3D Printing: Since the treatment is customized so for each aligner, a patient-specific model is 3D printed. The more precise the 3D printed model, the costlier it is. The accuracy of the 3D printed model determines the efficacy of the clear aligners.
      • Clinic Charges: Whenever you visit a dentist for orthodontic treatment, your treatment cost also includes the clinic charges for your every visit to the dentist.

      Q: How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

      The average price range for Invisible braces is approximately INR 60,000 to 1,50,000 based on the brand chosen by the patient. When answering the patients’ pressing query of “Are aligners are expensive?”, the question is not fully answered until figures are quoted.  A large number of people today, both kids and adults want their teeth to look perfectly aligned and so are open to exploring different types of treatment options that are available. The most commonly used ways to get teeth straightened are braces.

      Q: How Much Do Dental Braces Cost?

      Braces made of metal or ceramic are the traditional variants and are also the cheaper of all the available options. Ask any person who refused orthodontic treatment why they haven’t got braces yet. One of the reasons will definitely be “Invisible Braces are expensive!”

      Q: What is the Average Cost for Invisible Braces?

      An average cost of INR 65000 to INR 70000 can be considered as a normal or average cost of good quality clear aligners. Some foreign companies do offer their clear Invisible for very high prices making it expensive for a majority of patients. The very cheap invisible braces that are available in the market today are of questionable quality and so one must be cautious to do their research on the effectiveness and treatment success achieved with these braces.

      Q: What is the cost of clear aligners?

      Clear Aligners cost is starting from 70,000 INR and it goes up to 1.5 Lakhs. The price can vary from the patient profile to the profile (Mainly the Complexity of the case).

      Still, have questions about clear aligners? Write to us today or drop in a comment in the box below!


      Invisalign cost in Gurgaon

      32 Watts Clear Aligner

      Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

        Gurgaon is one of the metro cities in India. Here medical facilities are better than their cities. People living in the area are more conscious of their looks. Teeth play a vital role in your beauty standards but having the misaligned teeth will affect your smile and looks. Earlier, metallic braces were in great demand for correcting the teeth alignment. But the visibility and precautions during treatment are not suitable for a working person. Invisalign has come as the best alternative for these traditional braces. It is invisible and easy to fit aligners. You can remove them at the time of eating and drinking. You will get the results faster than the metallic braces. The Invisalign cost in Gurgaon is comparatively similar to other cities.

        But the fees of an orthodontist may vary. So your orthodontist will tell you the exact amount of the Invisalign you have to pay. The treatment duration and cost depends on person to person due to many factors.

        Invisalign Cost in Gurgaon

        Invisalign cost in Gurgaon

        The Invisalign treatment price is much more than the Metallic braces. The orthodontist evaluates the condition of teeth ailment and examines how many moths will require for the complete treatment. Normally the cost of Invisalign in India ranges from Rs. 75000-Rs. 350000. The exact cost of treatment will depend on the duration and number of aligners set required during complete treatment.

        The patients will be given different sets of Invisalign aligners every two weeks. The orthodontist will examine the movement of teeth after a certain interval of time. And based on the results, new sets will be designed and provided to the patients. This process is necessary as in the beginning the aligners are designed on the basis of the position of teeth at that moment. After 3 weeks the teeth will move from its place to the new angle or position. So it is necessary to put pressure on the teeth for flexible movement. Hence a new set of aligners is given.

        Benefits of Invisalign

        Invisalign comes with many advantages for the patients who want easy and fast treatment of their crooked or misaligned teeth. It has developed almost two decades ago but has attained popularity in a few months. Everyone wants to get rid of their gapped teeth, crossbite, underbite and overbite issues. But they hesitate in going with the traditional braces. It is obvious that adults feel uncomfortable going out with the braces on their teeth. These braces are visible to others when you laugh or speak. It becomes an embarrassing moment for the people. But if you select Invisible aligners for your treatment then you can comfortably speak and laugh in front of others without any patches or wires connected with your teeth.

        32 Watts Clear Aligner

        Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

          Also, the braces make it difficult to clean teeth as you can’t remove them but Invisalign is easy to remove. Just like these benefits, Invisalign has more pros and some of them are listed below:

          Lesser Pain: The technology used to move the teeth with the help of aligners ensures less pain during the treatment. On the other hand, when the braces are fitted on the teeth the patients feel severe pain. Also, the Invisalign users may feel slight pain during 1 or 2 days at the time of changing the sets of Invisalign. But the patients using metallic braces may feel pain during chewing or eating something hard. The Invisalign users can remove the aligners and then put them up when they want.

          Less Doctor visit: Visiting the doctors, again and again, is the headache for working patients. But if you are using aligners then you will need to visit the doctor every 3-4 weeks.

          Better Oral Health: maintaining oral health is a necessary thing even if you are undergoing treatment. Cleaning teeth is easy with aligners as you can remove them and then apply it after cleaning the teeth. It is difficult for the patients to clean the teeth with wires and brackets on their teeth. The residue left on the brackets is not easy to remove.

          Nearly Invisible: The aligners are almost invisible and will not appear to others while you open your mouth. It will boost up your confidence to speak and laugh in front of others.

          Removable: These aligners can be removed easily. But you may need to wear them for 22 hours a day. So you must manage the time as when to remove these aligners.

          Clearer Timelines: You can visualize every stage of the treatment. The orthodontist will show you the improvement in your condition and movement of teeth at the time of changing the aligners set after a few weeks. On the other hand, you will get an estimated duration at the time of fixing traditional braces on your teeth. There will be no clearer picture available for you to determine the improvement.

          Invisalign in Gurgaon

          The Invisalign treatment is given by the orthodontists. If you are willing to get this treatment then you must search for the best orthodontist for your case. You can check the feedback from the patients of the orthodontist profile online if you do not know who to select for your treatment. WE are providing the best treatment to our patients and ensure that the aligners fit well on your teeth. Also, you will get answers to all of your questions.

          Final Words

          The aligners are a suitable choice for people who are adults. Teenagers are recommended to use the traditional braces as these aligners may not suit their requirements. The treatment is no pain solution for correcting the teeth alignment. The Invisalign cost in Gurgaon may vary but aftercare cost is also applicable to the treatment cost. Some of the patients require retainers after the treatment is done. It will cost you Rs. 10,000- Rs. 30,000. Apart from these costs as there will be orthodontist fees that added to the complete price of treatment.