Invisalign cost in Singapore

Invisalign is the globally recognized aligners set, which is used for correcting any misalignment in teeth. The aligners are soft, clear, and comfortable to wear. Hence, the patients do not suffer from ulcers, cuts, and nicks in their mouths. These aligners are better than traditional braces. In Singapore, Invisalign has become a popular choice. Adults select this Aligners system for their cure due to its advantages. It enhances a person’s confidence even during their treatment period. However, the Invisalign is expensive in this nation, but the results make it worth treatment. In this article you will read about the Invisalign cost in Singapore.

Invisalign cost in Singapore

Invisalign Cost in Singapore

Invisalign is a single solution for a total of 6 dental problems- Spacing, underbite, Excessive Overjet, Crowding, Crossbite, and Open Bite. The cost of Invisalign depends on the severity and type of issue with the teeth. In Singapore, The total cost of the treatment ranges from $7000-$9500 by an orthodontist. Some of the dental clinics are providing standard treatment, which ranges from $4500-$6000. That orthodontist does not take pre-treatment, mid-treatment, Dental X-Rays, Bite Adjustments, Retainers, and other costs. So the dental treatment price decreases for sure.

If orthodontists have quoted you a lower price, then do ask them if they have added the refinement cost in it. The refinement cost is included to achieve better results. Also, the changing of adjustments, re-impression, or re-scan is done during the treatment. The cost of these services is also included in the treatment price. Hence, the total cost depends on the individual case needs. Uncomplicated cases will require fewer visits and aligners, but the complex cases will require more aligners. Hence, the cost of treatment automatically hikes. In general, the Invisalign cost depends on many factors.

Factors affecting Invisalign cost in Singapore

The cost of Invisalign is different in various clinics in Singapore. Many factors are responsible for this difference. First of all, Invisalign treatment options are varied. These options include Comprehensive, moderate, Lite, Express. These categories are based on the number of aligners manufactured for the patient. The complexity and case requirements are the main factors affecting the price of Invisalign treatment. So the packages are designed depending on the need of cases. If crowding is minor, then the lite package is suitable for the patient. Otherwise, the options are available based on the treatment required. Here is the table which describes the packages very well.


Comprehensive Package Moderate Package Lite Package Express Package
  Aligners (per arch) As many aligners as needed to reach a clinical goal. required Up to 26 aligners Up to 14 aligners  Up to 7 aligners
  Treatment and clinical parameters Moderate to severe vertical and AP discrepancies, crowding/spacing, pre-restorative. Mild to moderate crowding, vertical discrepancies, skeletal discrepancies, spacing, pre-restorative treatment. Class I, mild crowding/spacing, and non-extraction, pre-restorative. Treatment of relapse and minor movement.
  Additional Aligners  Infinite sets of Additional Aligners can be ordered before the treatment expiration date. Infinite sets of Additional Aligner included in the first two years after the shipment date of initial orders. Two Additional Aligner sets included, available before the treatment expiration date. One Additional Aligner set included, available before the treatment expiration date.
  Treatment expiration 5 years 3 years  2 years 1 year


 Other Factors 

  • Pre-treatment and Aftercare expenses
  • The overhead cost of the dentist
  • Lab fees
  • Complexity of treatment

The lab fees of some clinics are higher than other ones. Also, the complexity of the dental issue will have an impact on cost. So all these factors combined are making a difference in the price of whole treatment in Singapore. If you want to make Invisalign treatment, then select the Orthodontist carefully. You can search for the Orthodontist online.

Are there any discounts or subsidies for Invisalign Treatment in Singapore?

Unfortunately, there is no subsidy given by the Government of Singapore for this treatment. Invisalign is not considered as surgical treatment, so no discount is given to patients in Government hospitals, private clinics, or territory institutes. Also, the treatment does not cover with dental cover in an insurance plan. So the individual will not get any benefit or rebate in the cost of Invisalign. But the clinics are giving many payment options to the patients for ease of payment.

What are the charges of Invisalign consultation?

The average cost of the Invisalign consultation is $50-$100.Every clinic and orthodontist has different prices. You can ask the front staff on a phone call before making an appointment.

The cost of Invisalign in Singapore is lower than in many countries in the world. The patients come here to take the best quality treatment from the top orthodontist. Also, if you want to take the Invisalign treatment in Singapore, then fix an appointment with the orthodontist. Select your orthodontist based on their work experience, charges, and feedback.

Invisalign cost in Miami

Do you want to correct the misalignment or bite of your teeth? If so, then you should visit the orthodontists and consult with them about the possible options. Many orthodontists are suggesting Invisalign to their patients for a convenient procedure. Moreover, Invisalign treatment is best among all the teeth straightening treatments. It comes with several advantages over metallic braces. Earlier, Dentists use traditional metal braces for correcting misaligned teeth, but now they know very well about straightening teeth without any unsightly hardware. In Miami, dentists are providing Invisalign treatment at a reasonable price. The Invisalign cost in Miami is starting from $3000. If you want to get the complete information on the cost, then read out the entire article.

Invisalign cost in Miami

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the first choice of doctor and patients too. These are clear aligners that fit comfortably on teeth and works faster than braces. It can correct the mild to moderate orthodontic problems. At the beginning of treatment, the orthodontist will take the impression of teeth. Then you will get a set of aligners to be worn about 22 hours a day. After that, you will need to visit the orthodontist every two weeks. During the appointment, new aligners will be given to you, and the process will continue until your treatment is over.

What is Invisalign cost in Miami?

If you are living in Miami and want to get your Invisalign done, then you will need to pay about $3000-$7000. The overall cost of the treatment depends on various factors. It includes lab fees, the severity of the patient’s case.  Patients who have a complicated situation and require an extensive amount of correction will need to pay more than usual. So if you have slight misalignment, then the procedure will complete in a few days or months. It means fewer visits, less number of aligners used, and fewer aftercare expenses. In this way, the charges decrease. But if the case is complex, then the fees will increase based on aligners used. For getting the exact amount of the treatment cost, you can contact the orthodontist and team.

Invisalign cost in Miami|Benefits of Invisalign

The benefits of the Invisalign make it better than any other dental treatment. These plastic aligners are removable and soft to wear. It means patients can easily remove the aligners when they want to beat or drink. Also, it will help brush and floss teeth properly. So the patients can take care of their oral health and can eat their favorite food. Traditional braces require a lot of attention and precautions to be followed. But aligners are simple to wear and use. Apart from these benefits, Invisalign has top advantages for the patients, which are listed below.

  • Less appointment with Orthodontist
  • You can eat and drink whether you want
  • The trays are removable and can be taken out at any time.
  • No mouth irritation as there are any metal wires.
  • The aligners are nearly invisible.
  • Oral hygiene is maintained correctly, as brushing is easy.

How long the Invisalitlygn Treatment take?

The length of the complete treatment depends on the complexity of the case. The adults usually complete their treatment within one year. But if the situation is complicated, then the treatment will end in about 2-3 years. Also, if the patients do not follow the instructions correctly, then they will require more time. Orthodontists will access your needs and give you the correct estimate of the time. So contact the orthodontist now and book your appointment.

Will Insurance cover my Invisalign cost?

If you have Invisalign insurance coverage, then the cost will surely reduce. You can contact your insurance provider for more details about the amount. Also, if you do not have Invisalign insurance, then you can go for it. Do you want to get affordable Invisalign treatment in Miami? Then ask the orthodontist for convenient financing and flexible payment options.

The Invisalign cost in Miami is comparatively lower than in other cities. Also, the services of orthodontists are best, among others. The orthodontist provides various payment methods, which makes the payment process more comfortable. You can also opt for an EMI option for making payment. Book your appointment with the orthodontist and begin your treatment now.