Why are aligners faster than braces?

Aligners and braces are the two most popular techniques used in Orthodontist treatment. Professional Dentist provides this procedure to improve the patient’s look, give the ideal position to teeth, and promote proper functioning. Traditional braces are made up of metal wires which are visible to others. On the other hand, Aligners are set of clear plastic trays used for achieving the correct position of teeth. In general, Aligners are faster than braces. But the question arises how it is faster than traditional braces. So here we will discuss this topic.



The speed of treatment depends on various factors including the working of technique, planning and implementing treatment, and patient’s need. The aligners come with many benefits such as removability, invisible, Impression less scanning, and more. All these benefits are not available with braces.


How do Aligners Work?

The teeth straightening process using Aligners are comfortable for adult patients. At the beginning of treatment, the patient gets aligners trays with proper fitting to their teeth. They have to wear it for at least 22 hours daily. They can remove the aligners at the time of eating or drinking. The trays change out after every two weeks. A dental appointment is necessary about every 4 to 6 weeks. In every meeting, dentists track and ensure if everything is going as planned.

The aligners are safe to wear, and patients feel comfortable after wearing them. However, the patient’s role in working of the aligner is crucial. If the patient is not following the guidelines of the Dentist and not cleaning the trays, then it could affect the working of aligners.


How aligners work faster than braces?

 Orthodontic treatment with aligners is the safest and best option over braces for adults. The treatment span depends on the individual patient’s requirement. However, it talks nearly 6 – 18 months to complete. Patients who follow the instructions of their orthodontists get faster results. If we compare the time of aligners and braces treatment, then we conclude that aligners work faster than braces.

In many cases, patients have claimed of getting results in 6 months. Well, the time depends on the complexity of misalignment and the patient’s loyalty towards the instructions of Dentist. So it is not easy to give the exact time for treatment.

The aligners work by applying force on teeth, and it is done in a planned way. These one-piece aligners put force on every tooth at the same time while the braces put force on every tooth individually. So it saves them time and functions faster than the braces.


Are you ready to take Aligners Treatment?

One of the best parts of using Aligners is that you can hide your treatment from others. These are clear and not visible. Also, these are better than the braces in many sections. The aligners are not fixed to teeth like braces, although they can be removed anytime by the patient. Moreover, cleaning the tray and teeth is an easy task.

On the other hand, patients with braces treatment find it difficult to clean their teeth. If you want to take the aligners treatment, then you will need to make up your mind for wearing those 20-22 hours. However, the Dentist will tell you the exact time limit to wear the aligners.

Schedule your appointment and begin your treatment after consultation. You will get all the details related to braces choice and your treatment.