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32 Watts Clear Aligner

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    “The cost of clear aligner depends on different factors including the severity of teeth mal-alignment, treatment duration, place of treatment (location), and treating orthodontist”. Are you among those who want the teeth straightening treatment in a more convenient and comfortable way? Well, Clear Aligners are the most effective way to straighten teeth without wearing metallic wires and brackets. Aligner uses the most advanced technologies to provide the dental appliance to correct your mal-aligned, crooked, poor bite, gaps between teeth comfortably. In this treatment, a series of transparent and medical-grade plastic is used to create custom-made aligner as per the patient’s requirements. The Clear Aligners Cost in India and its major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and Chennai differ depending on the various factors.

    Cost of Clear Aligners in India is Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000 which means that $1,400-$2,000

    Estimated Clear Aligners Cost in India

    As we told you earlier, the cost of aligners in India and its cities are not similar in fact, it can be cheaper in one city to another. For an exact estimate of clear aligners cost visit to a dentist or orthodontist. The doctor will be able to tell you the exact price after analyzing how much alignment is required in your case. You will get the costs including orthodontist’s consultation fee, lab charges, aligners production cost (based on the required number of aligners), applicable tax and other charges.

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    Is There Any Difference Between Cost Of Braces And Clear Aligner?

    Any treatment cost completely depends on the type of requirements of a patient. If you talk about metallic or ceramic braces cost the same rule is applicable. Metal braces cost can be varied in each case, it’s hard to determine the exact cost. However, in the case of clear aligners, we can say its cost is slightly higher than the cost of metal braces.

    If you are comparing the costs of braces and aligners then you must compare their pros and cons as well. Clear aligner gives you multiple advantages that cannot be provided in metal braces treatment. Braces are the old traditional method used to straighten the teeth which are non-removable in nature. If we talk about the process of braces it is made up of metallic wire and small-sized rubber band which you have to wear over your teeth. In braces, when you open your mouth to for any reason even just for a smile the braces can be seen easily and you cannot hide them. You have to be very choosy and careful about your eating and drinking as it may stick in your braces and will look weird and the treatment duration is too long as compare to aligners.

    If you are considering the Orthodontic treatment for yourself or your kid, you must choose the right treatment. Many patients start to see improvements in their smile within just a few months. Unlike metal braces, most people won’t know you’re going through orthodontic treatment when you’re wearing clear aligners because they are virtually invisible. Aligners are more comfortable than braces, cleaning aligner is also easy you may clean them with toothpaste and soft bristle brush. You can take them out to eat and you can also remove them for a few hours if you have a big event, such as a wedding or class reunion. With no doubt, aligners are the best choice to change the uneven teeth.

    Advantages with Clear Aligner | Aligners Cost in Delhi

    •    Virtually invisible
    •    Aligners required short & precise visits
    •    Fits in your teeth without irritating your gums and cheeks
    •    Aligners are removable so it is easy to brush and floss after meals
    •    Minimal requirement of oral hygiene
    •    They are painless and comfortable
    •    No issues of facing unwanted questions & spending extra time & money for correction of side effects
    •    No possibility of any kind of breakage or maintain
    •    No restrictions on eating

    Treatment Process | Clear Aligners Cost in Mumbai

    The treatment process of clear aligner follows many stages to produce a fine series of invisible, removable and comfortable aligners. It includes:

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      Orthodontist Consultation: It is the very first and important step in your desired smile journey. Teeth straightening seekers consult with an orthodontist and share their concerns with their teeth. An orthodontist analyses your teeth and offers you the best treatment options available in your case. Crooked, poor bite, gaps between teeth and other types of mal-alignments can be corrected with clear aligners.

      Intra Oral Scanning/Impression: A 3D scanning of your teeth is done by a technician. The technician takes the oral impression in a digital file and shares it with the treatment planning department.

      Treatment Plan by Experts: After receiving the 3D scanned file, the team of orthodontists and experts design the treatment structure that is going to be undertaken in an individual case. They also decide the required number of aligners, treatment duration etc.

      Printing of 3D Models: Your 3D teeth models are printed to show the final position of your teeth when the treatment will get over. The doctor will show you the current situation and the desired situation before starting the treatment.

      Manufacturing of Aligners: Once the treatment plan gets approved by orthodontists, the manufacturing unit starts the production of clear aligners.

      Finishing of Aligners: Only a few aligners manufacturers follow this step. Manual final finishing is given to each aligner so that it will not hurt the gums and check of the patient and the treatment goes smoothly without any irritation.

      How Much Does Clear Aligner Cost In India?

      Aligners or clear aligners is a new method used to straighten teeth with more effectively in less time. The aligners are made up of clear, strong medical grade plastic which is invisible in nature. Similarly to braces, it gradually shifts the position of your teeth into a proper position.

      The cost of aligners completely depends on what type of treatment your orthodontist recommends you for your teeth correction. There are also other factors due to which the aligners cost differ whether in terms of manufacturer, quality, number of aligners, lab charges. The average cost of aligners starts from INR 60,000 onwards. The price will increase according to the case severity. However, all aligners are customized as per esthetical concern by Orthodontist, they are specifically made and designed for the individual purpose only which means another person can wear them. Ask your dentist if there are easy payment plans like EMI or insurance.

      Clear Aligners Cost in Bangalore

      Therefore, after combining all these factors the final cost estimate comes, if we compare the cost of braces and aligners, aligners are slightly costly than the regular braces. The reasons why people are preferring aligners over braces are, they are nearly invisible, treatment completes in less duration with low precise visits, there are less damaging chances, cleaning and maintaining is very easy than braces and much more privileges.

      How to Find the Best Aligner Provider in India?

      To find out the best aligner company or provider in your area you may compare the quality and services of 3-4 aligner providers. Compare their product quality, customer feedback, fees, doctor’s experience level etc. By doing this the picture will be clear and you may choose the right aligner provider in your area in India. For example, if you live in New Delhi and looking for an aligner treatment provider simply search on the internet from there you will get enough data to compare one service provider to another.

      The top aligner providers in New Delhi are 32 Watts Clear Aligners (India), Invisalign (USA), Kline (Germany), etc. Patients from other major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Rajkot, Noida, Vadodara, Pune, Hyderabad, Gandhidham also visit Delhi to straighten their teeth.

      Before starting the treatment we suggest you check the transparent pricing policy. Since the treatment must be itemized and standardized for patient convenience without any additional tax surcharges or GST, the consultation, dental braces plan, check-ups are free if taken by appointment.

      What are Aligner Attachments? Do they help in Aligner Treatment?

      32 Watts Clear Aligner

      Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

        Here, we discuss about What are Aligner Attachments ? So Read it Carefully. Attachments are small bumps which are tooth colored and are placed on the tooth surfaces to bring about desired tooth movement. They come in different shapes and sizes. The need of attachments varies from case to case. They are customized for every tooth and positioned in a way so as to maximize the bio mechanical effect of the aligner. Basically, dental attachments are kind of handles to give the direction to tooth into a specified position. When a case is complex or it is tough to shift the tooth into its ideal position, the doctor puts the attachments over the tooth that required extra force to rotate or shift.

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        What are Aligner Attachments?

        Aligners grip the attachments like handles to gain leverage and achieve difficult tooth movements like rotations and extrusions. These attachments are generally tooth colored. If your doctor has planned these attachments in your treatment, it will be indicated on your treatment plan before it gets started. You don’t need to have these attachments if you have minor malocclusion. In complex cases, your orthodontist will most likely need to use some combination of attachments to achieve your perfect smile. While some aligner providers prefer to trim away the unnecessary sections of aligner before seating the attachments. This can make easier to place and remove the aligners.

        What are Aligner Attachments?

        You can compare aligner attachments with the handle of a cycle, to ride in a right direction you need to rotate your cycle handle to reach your destination. Similarly, attachments provide a right direction to the tooth to get the ideal position.

        32 Watts Clear Aligner

        Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

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          What are Chewies and Outie Tools?

          You may find it difficult to remove and insert the aligner. You can use Chewie to insert the aligner properly by chewing it for few minutes and with the help of outie, you can easily remove your pair of the aligner. To know more about Chewies and Outies you can read:

          How are Aligner Attachments Placed?

          To place the attachments orthodontist uses aligner template, Acid etch, petroleum jelly and other dental equipment. As per the treatment, plan orthodontist places these attachments over the specified tooth to help them to rotate in the required direction. The attachment rotates the teeth when aligner is worn by the patient. Attachments are custom made for each individual orthodontic treatment and used nowadays not only to move conical teeth but also for teeth up righting, keeping roots parallel and a lot more.


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          Advantages of Aligner Attachments

          •    Helps to rotate complex tooth.
          •    It provides extra grip for the aligners.
          •    Attachments placement and removal process is painless.
          •    Can match with your teeth color which makes them invisible.
          •    It works as a supporter of the aligner to work them properly.
          •    Does not stay when the treatment gets over.

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          Disadvantages of Aligner Attachments

          •    Aligner insertion and removal process become difficult but you can use chewie and outie tool for this.
          •    Aligners are no longer easy to pop in and out.
          •    Teeth cleaning and flossing become tough.
          •    Aligners may feel much tighter.
          •    Some patients can experience pain at the initial stage.

          To know whether or not your mal-aligned teeth can correct through aligner with such What are Aligner Attachments. You are suggested to consult with an orthodontist who can tell you better about your treatment.