What Causes Sensitive Tooth?


Are you facing a tooth sensitivity? Or you escape yourself when it comes to drinking cold or hot beverages and food. Well, more than 30% adults are facing tooth sensitivity problems and it’s a common problem. Tooth sensitivity is known as ‘Dentinal Hypersensitivity’ in the dental world. This problem may be the source of many negativities you feel from your mouth. Tooth sensitivity can often be very painful, so what are the reasons that lead to tooth sensitivity? How can you get relief from tooth sensitivity? Here we have collected some useful points What Causes Sensitive Tooth ? that you should avoid and tips you must follow.

How this Dentinal Hypersensitivity Origin?

Sensitivity origins from the inner layer of the tooth called dentine when it exposes. The dentine contains microscopic tubules filled with tiny nerve endings. To protect dentine the outer layer enamel is there within the grinding area of your tooth. When this dentine exposes, the external substance (like the cold drink), it stimulates the nerves inside the tooth and you experience sensitivity.

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Top Reasons of Tooth Sensitivity

  • You Eat Acidic Food or Mouthwash: You may be fond of eating different dishes that contains citric acid and acidic mouthwashes that further enrage sensitive teeth. Acidic food harms the tooth enamel and leads to sensitivity. Food such as lemon, pickles, kiwi, grapefruit, and tomato sauces could be the reason behind your sensitivity. If you avoid these foods as much as you can, it will help you to prevent from tooth discomforts. Always use the mouthwash that contains chemicals in prescribed proportions.
  • Teeth Whitening and Bleaching: Many people want their teeth shining like a star. For this they undergo some dental teeth whitening and bleaching treatment. After the treatment for few hours to few days patient faces tooth sensitivity. Usually, the sensitivity level is higher in smaller teeth.
  • Brushing More Than Normal: It has been seen that tooth sensitivity originated when a person brushes his/her teeth for a longer time by applying force with hard bristled-toothbrush. This makes the protective tooth layer weak and exposes the internal dentine nerves. So, when these tubes are exposed to extreme temperatures or acidic or sticky foods, tooth sensitivity and discomfort can be the result.
  • Hard Impact: People who grind their teeth unnecessary, munches on hard candies, open bottles with teeth, price tag etc. faces tooth sensitivity. These activities crack the teeth and expose the inner layer of teeth that results in sensitivity. Therefore, avoid such habits.

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How to Get Relief from Tooth Sensitivity?

How to Get Relief from Tooth Sensitivity?

Here are some tips that can prevent tooth sensitivity and you only need to focus on your smile:

  • You can use a desensitizing toothpaste, there are many major brands who make sensitivity relief toothpaste.
  • Brush your teeth with soft bristle toothbrush with a right paste. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • By avoiding acidic food and liquids.
  • Eat and drink teeth decay resistance food such as fish, green tea that contain high fluoride.
  • Clean your teeth after every meal, this will remove bacteria and prevent plague.
  • Don’t chew tobacco and pan masala like stuff.

You may consult with a dentist who can better tell you What Causes Sensitive Tooth and prescribe you a sensitivity relief toothpaste.

Top 7 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth / Aligned Teeth

Good Oral Hygiene

Having straight teeth not only gives you high self-esteem and confidence but it has benefits related to health as well. While speaking to friends, colleagues, employees, employer or in a meeting, well-aligned teeth can boost your confidence that you need the most. More often in teens and youth, a beautiful smile plays a key role in their personality. There are numerous benefits of having straight teeth. Here, we are bringing some key benefits of having straight teeth, related to your health and personality.

Benefits of Having Straight Teeth


Speech Clarity: Crooked or mal-aligned teeth often create a problem in speaking. Wrongly positioned teeth lead to fumbling and incorrect pronunciation of typical words. This can impact your performance and confidence, no matter which industry or profession you come from.

Speech Clarity

Good Oral Hygiene: Oral hygiene is very important. Brushing and flossing are the most important things you do for maintaining oral hygiene. In crooked teeth, food particles may get stuck and plaque builds up easily and eventually leads to tooth decay. Brushing & flossing on straight teeth is easier than doing it on crooked teeth. Since no one enjoys sitting in the dentist’s chair for root canals, fillings, and oral surgery, it is important to stay on top of your oral hygiene.


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Better Eating: Straight teeth allows you to chew the food properly. You might be fond of eating but if you do not chew your food completely, it will not digest fully. This can create stomach pain, acidity, and other gut health-related issues.

Better Eating


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Low-Risk of Injuries: Tooth injuries more often happen in crooked teeth. You must have seen people having cuts, sores, and infection in the mouth. The major and common reason behind this is crooked teeth. Crooked teeth create constant friction between your teeth, gums and mouth hence, mouth injuries occur. Sometimes, during chewing, you may have experienced tissue bite, which happens because of crooked teeth or poor bite. But, if you have straight teeth the possibility of these kinds of injuries are significantly less.

Low Risk of Injuries

Save Your Money & Time: People having straight teeth and good oral hygiene require less or no dental visits. This will ultimately save your money and time.

Confidence: Straight teeth gives you more confidence and positive self-esteem. With a perfect smile you feel confident when you speak with someone, but crooked teeth give you an ugly smile and you lose your confidence.

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Enhance Your Appearance: Your appearance matters a lot in your professional, personal and social life. People having a good personality with an effective smile grow in life. No doubt skill and knowledge are the basic requirements but it cannot be denied that appearance plays a major role in every aspect of your life. Therefore, you should straighten your teeth for a perfect smile.

How Can Aligners Help You?

Aligners are the most advanced Orthodontic appliance used to straighten mal-aligned & crooked teeth and poor bite. Unlike braces, aligners are transparent, nearly invisible, removable and comfortable. Aligner treatment is becoming more and more popular amongst teens and youngsters as there are several benefits of using them.

So, we have clearly mentioned the benefits of the straight teeth. If you have crooked or mal-aligned teeth or a poor bite then you must consult a dentist/orthodontist who can study your case and suggest you the best available options to get that perfect smile.