How Long To Wear Retainers?


Have you gone through the option of braces or clear aligners recently, or planning to have them soon? That’s good! Whether braces or clear aligners, retainers are widely common to use and recommended by all treating dentist/orthodontist when an orthodontic treatment completes. You must be wondering How Long To Wear Retainers ? Why are retainers used? We have gathered all the information in this article just to make you aware of retainers.

How Long To Wear Retainers ?

Getting braces or clear aligners for teeth straightening is a very bold decision. Thereafter things will change, especially your smile. Any teeth straightening treatment encompasses a lot of efforts from your doctors and you. But, Will the achieved smile sustain for long enough without doing anything else? To be true, it’s not like that. You need some additional dental appliance like retainers to maintain the final position permanently.

Aligner gives you a new smile and retainer maintains it for life.


What are Retainers?

A retainer is a dental appliance that is custom-made to fit onto patient’s teeth. They are generally made up of metal but they are also available in medical grade plastic. Every retainer is crafted as per the patient’s need. There are several types of retainers exist in the market. A reliable orthodontist can help a person to decide which device fits best for his/her teeth retainment.

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Why Are Retainers Used ?

When a patient completes the braces or aligners treatment, the role of the retainer role begins. Retainers are used to maintain the newly achieved smile by holding the gums and bone surrounded by teeth and it keeps them in that position. It is very common to lose the new smile and teeth can relapse in few days when the treatment gets over. Without them, teeth may start to slide back slowly into their initial position. To prevent it from happening, retainers are there to fix the new teeth position permanently. Retainers maintain the final result and they are stable to work effectively.

How Long To Wear Retainers ?

How Long To Wear Retainers

An orthodontist can determine the duration of retainers use in your case. Discuss it with your doctor when the treatment gets completed. Duration to wear retainers will be unique in your case as each patient goes through a different kind of treatment process. For example, your doctor may recommend you to wear the retainer all the time for 3-6 months or you would be required to wear them at night only. It all depends on your individual requirement which only your doctor can tell you. In few cases, retainer duration remains same as the duration of your aligners or braces. Relapse chances are very high during the first few months.  On the other hand, you would be recommended to wear your retainers for full time in the initial days and then to wear them in the night only.

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How to Take Care of Retainers ?

Cleaning is crucial in any dental plan and taking care of retainer is as much important as caring for braces or clear aligners. You should not neglect their maintenance.

  • You must check your teeth regularly for cavities and plaque.
  • Wear your retainers as instructed by your dentist/orthodontist.
  • Brush your retainer every day, teeth brushing time could be the ideal time.
  • Rinse the retainer in cold water or recommended cleanser.
  • Never take the meal while you are wearing them.
  • Avoid leaving your retainer lying around outside the case.

Ask your doctor what type of retainer you need in your case. Also, ask for how long to wear retainers?