What Are Veneers?


Are looking for an aesthetic solution that can improve your smile with fewer efforts? Or your teeth are discolored, chipped or have gaps, and you want to reclaim your older smile. Well, there is a solution to this problem called ‘Veneers.’ Read this article on ‘What are Veneers?‘ To enhance the appearance of your teeth Veneers are used.

What are Veneers?


What are Veneers?

Veneers are the thin layers, custom-made shells of tooth color used to enhance the appearance of the teeth. Veneers are attached to the front side of the teeth and change the color, size, and shape as per the patient’s requirements. These are placed by removing the enamel and by bonding them following the procedure. It is also known as porcelain or dental porcelain veneers.

Please Note: Veneers are irreversible which means after having them you cannot remove them. So, you must know every aspect of veneers before taking the treatment.

What type of problems can be fixed by veneers?

Veneers are widely used when:

  • Teeth become discolored or stained.
  • You are having gaps between your teeth.
  • Teeth are misaligned or having irregular shape and size.
  • Broken or chipped teeth.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Veneers?

There are many pros and cons of dental veneers you should know.

What are the advantages of Dental Veneers?

  • You can have the natural teeth color with veneers.
  • A veneer can make your dark or dull teeth whiter.
  • It offers to choose the custom size, shape, and color.
  • The treatment process is quick and almost painless.
  • Your gums tissue do not get affected or experience pain with veneers.
  • Veneers are the aesthetic and stronger alternative available option.

What are the disadvantages of Dental Veneers?

  • Veneers process in irreversible, you cannot detach them until its period gets over.
  • They are not also repairable, so you better care them.
  • Veneers may not be available with your exact teeth colour.
  • You may feel more teeth sensitivity towards cold and hot as enamel has to be removed to place veneers.
  • You should not bite your nails or chew hard objects, doing so can break the veneers.
  • A person who is having a habit of teeth grinding and clenching is not a candidate for veneers because these habits can break the veneers.
  • Tooth decay can still happen with veneers.

What is the duration of veneers?

On average, the veneers can live up to 10 years in your mouth without creating any problem if you do care properly But the lifespan of veneers may increase if you follow all the instructions related to its caring, maintaining, etc.

How do Veneers work?

The veneers are created by the medical grade ceramic material with the matching teeth color of the patient, therefore, the dentist removes the enamel and fits the veneers thoroughly. The process is very quick and gets completed in 2 or 3 stages. however, The veneers are created by a technician after doctor conveys the requirements to him. Then with the help of dental equipment and machines, such veneers are produced, and doctor places them in a patient’s mouth.


How Much Do Veneers Cost?

The cost of veneers cannot be predicted; it completely depends on the patient’s requirement. ‘What are veneers?’ However, the treatment can cost you around INR 10,000 onwards. Consult a dentist who can get you a better idea of your case.