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    If you were looking for clear aligners recently, you would have undoubtedly seen a lot of advertisements about Toothsi clear aligners. The brand has made its presence felt through rigorous advertising, especially on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google ads.

    The moment you see the ad, it feels that the Toothsi clear aligners are the best clear aligners available in the market. The ‘doorstep’ services lure the audience to immediately avail their services at the first click. But before you proceed to fall for the attractive promises and benefits of Toothsi clear aligners, just step back and research a bit more. After all, teeth straightening isn’t a beautification process like hair straightening; it is more complex and medical treatment after all.

    Aligners India

    Therefore, indulging in something that sounds comfortable and affordable does not necessarily mean it is safe and simple. The best indicator of assessing a medical device is its safety. Anything that compromises the safety of the device(aligners in this case) makes it ineffective and not worth considering.

    Most people need clear aligners for dental conditions like crooked teeth, teeth gaps, over-bite, under-bite, crowding etc. All such dental conditions can be resolved through teeth straightening treatment either through traditional metal braces or through clear aligners. Clear aligners work using the same biomechanical principles as metal braces but they are invisible, painless, removable and comfortable to wear.

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    Through clear aligners, one can resolve simple, moderate to complex dental problems. With the rising popularity of clear aligners, especially among youngsters, more and more companies are offering clear aligner treatment in India. However, choosing the aligner companies can be difficult as everyone promises quick, easy and affordable treatment solutions. Let’s review a few companies to know which one to pick:

    • Toothsi Clear Aligners


    This company has advertised itself as a company that offers ‘doorstep’ service for teeth straightening treatment. The patients can directly contact the company, book a scan on the website or can even order an at-home-self-impression kit. According to the scan, the treatment plan is created and the aligners are given to the patient. The case is majorly handled through teledentistry. The Toothsi clear aligners work well for simple and moderate dental issues.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      Toothsi clear Aligners


      • The company works on the ‘direct-to-home’ model, this model is not workable for treating medical problems like teeth straightening. The facilities and supervision that is available at a clinic are not the same at home. Moreover, taking a self-impression may not always be accurate and in turn, hamper the accuracy of the aligner creations.
      • The company does not assign a doctor to the patient. For any treatment-related concerns, the patient is sent to leased clinics and left to be treated by any available doctor. This does nothing to ensure credibility or responsible treatment by the company.
      • Toothsi does not provide attachments and IPR for simple or moderate cases; they only provide them for complex cases. Treating an orthodontic case with aligners without using attachments and IPR reduces the predictability of the treatment.
      • Hand-holding of the patient is not assured through the treatment duration as the company skips the involvement of doctors and therefore remains unanswerable to many queries of the patient.


      Let’s talk Alternatives to Toothsi Aligners

      32 Watts Clear aligners

      • 32 Watts clear aligners offer ‘doctor-directed’ treatment which ensures handholding of the patient throughout the treatment duration. When a patient reaches the company through a website, the company books an appointment with an expert doctor on board and carries out the treatment at the partner clinics. The patients are assigned a treating doctor, who is answerable to any query related to the treatment. The patient feels confident going to the dental clinic for the entire duration of the aligner treatment.
      • 32 Watts aligners are also provided by 32Watts registered doctors. The doctor can book the scan from the company at their clinic. After the scanning, a treatment plan is made by the expert orthodontists at the company and uploaded on the company’s portal. After approval of the plan by the treating doctor the company manufactures clear aligners and sends them to the treating doctor who in turn dispenses the aligners to the patient and supervises the treatment during the entire duration of the aligner treatment.
      • The company is a registered MSME and ISO 13485 certified company.
      • The company uses German technology for precise and accurate clear aligner manufacturing.

      Invisalign Clear Aligners

      • Invisalign also offers ‘Doctor-directed’ treatment and does not sell the aligners directly to the patient.
      • According to the company’s policy, only the Invisalign certified doctors can offer Invisalign clear aligners at their clinics.
      • The patient can search the Invisalign certified doctors at the company’s website and can contact them for the treatment.
      • Invisalign ensures that the patient gets full support from the expert dentist/orthodontist and takes full responsibility for the treatment right from the start.
      • The company is the market leader with years of experience in the clear aligner field.

      Invisalign Clear Aligners

      Flash Orthodontics

      • The company also works on a ‘doctor-directed’ treatment model. The company certifies doctors who are authorized to treat orthodontic patients with clear aligners. The company formulates the treatment plan and upon approval from the treating doctor, the aligners are manufactured by the company.
      • Only a Flash certified orthodontist can provide Flash clear aligners to a patient.
      • The patients can reach the company through their website and then directs them to the nearest Flash certified orthodontist for treatment procedures that include oral scan, treatment plan formulation and periodic clinic visits.
      • The patient is free to consult the designated orthodontist for any treatment-related query.
      • The company has a credible image in the dental industry for cutting edge technology, precision and authentic treatment.

      32 Watts Clear Aligners

      If you desire to get a beautiful and confident smile, you can pick the company that promises to offer a responsible, credible and effective smile correction treatment rather than just falling for cheap at home treatments through advertisements that may not be as safe and effective as they claim to be.

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