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    You must have heard or seen braces in someone’s mouth to straighten their teeth. Lingual Braces are also an Orthodontic appliance to straighten malaligned teeth. Lingual Braces Cost in India or hidden braces or Incognito braces are a type of braces used to realign or give teeth an ideal position with a limited invisible quality you may call them virtually invisible that’s why patients prefer them over traditional metallic braces.

    Lingual Braces Cost in India

    Lingual Braces are placed on the backside of teeth to rotate and move the required teeth. If you want to know the lingual braces cost in India keeps reading this article.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Lingual Braces

    What are the Advantages of Lingual Braces?

    • They are placed behind the teeth which makes them less visible that makes them preferable.
    • Lingual Braces are sophisticated/precise, treatment duration and results are predictable.
    • Your teeth may be straightened in lesser time with lingual braces than conventional braces (depends on the case).
    • Custom made brackets and wire to fit your teeth perfectly.
    • They are fixed hence, it is impossible to lose your braces.

    What are the Disadvantages of Lingual Braces?

    • Lingual braces are comparatively expensive than conventional braces.
    • They are difficult to become used to.
    • Considering lingual braces invisible is not right. They are invisible up to the limit, therefore, removable braces (clear aligners) could be a better choice.
    • Lingual braces can be felt more and may irritate your tongue.
    • There is a chance of teeth injury inside the mouth.

    Lingual Braces Cost in Delhi

    The lingual braces cost in India starts from INR 50,000 onwards and the price increases as per case severity. Lingual braces are the great cosmetic alternative for those who want to straighten their teeth without the braces showing. These are worn behind the teeth that make teeth to remain out of sight. These are mounted on the backside (lingual and tongue side) of a patient’s mouth. The cost of lingual braces is expensive than traditional braces and clear aligners. The disadvantage with lingual braces is they don’t work well if you have small teeth, get in the way of the tongue, potentially causing speech problems and injuries, so you have to learn and practice speaking with them.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

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      Lingual Braces Cost in Mumbai

      Lingual Braces Cost in India depends on various factors including case severity, type of material used in the treatment, doctor’s consultation fee, location etc. Lingual braces take 12-30 months to complete but it varies from case to case. Lingual braces are presently treated in India at most of the major Urban and semi-urban dental centres.

      Why should you prefer Clear Aligners rather than Lingual Braces?

      Clear Aligners

      If you are spending your money just on an aesthetic solution to correct your malaligned teeth then we recommend you to prefer 32 Watts Clear Aligners. 32 Watts Clear Aligners are invisible, removable, easy to clean and maintain, unlike lingual braces. They are custom made just for you to fit on teeth and align your teeth smoothly. Also, the pain is lesser compared to other teeth straightening treatments.

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