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    Are you looking for an Orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth? But thinking about the cost, Well, with no doubts Invisalign is the most popular choice for those who want a discreet treatment. Although, every patient has his/her own concerns, requirements, case and of course the budget. Some look for an aesthetic solution without thinking about its cost but others have limited money to spend hence looks for a cost-effective solution. Certainly, Invisalign Alternative clear aligners are available worldwide and are the inventor of clear aligners. Fortunately, there are other company available in the market as well with good quality and comparatively, cost you less.

    Invisalign Alternative – Clear Correct Clear Aligners


    Clear Correct is an Invisalign alternative that deals in clear aligners for teeth straightening treatment above all clear correct has a clear plastic tray system that can be used by your Orthodontist in your case. So the cost of the clear correct clear aligner is generally less than Invisalign but depends on an individual case. Clear correct aligners are thinner than Invisalign though cost lesser.

    Mostly, orthodontists prefer Invisalign as it has many features like awesome treatment planning software, excellent product and Ortho-support throughout the treatment. Finally, Clear Correct uses the same plastic that Invisalign used to use (and was successful with), but Invisalign now uses the patented smart track material, which many patients report a more comfortable feeling in the mouth.

    Invisalign Alternative- K-Line and Clear Path Clear Aligners

    K-Line and Clear Path Clear Aligners

    K-Line Europe GmbH is a European based company with the aim ‘Our mission is to change people’s thinking about dentistry. However, K-line is popular in the U.K. and in the US many orthodontists are getting training of it. There is another new company in this industry Clear Path which is a popular alternative to Invisalign. As the company is new its success cannot be predetermined because there are no reviews and case studies available.

    The technology behind these clear aligners companies is nearly the same as Invisalign uses. Invisalign offers great resources and tool to Orthodontist for a better result.

    Alternative to Invisalign – Smile Direct Club

    Smile Direct Club

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      Smile Direct Club is another well-known clear aligner (especially retainer) manufacturer based in the US. They have their concept of providing clear aligners. Basically, they receive the impression or 3D scan via an orthodontist who have registered themselves to Smile Direct Club and then they deliver the patient’s aligner directly to his/her home. However, this process has been challenged by the Dental Association as there is a lack of Orthodontist involved which creates the risk for the patient.

      Smile Direct Club Clear Aligners usually cost around $1800 and varies from case to case (excluding scan and retainer), Smile Direct provides cheaper clear aligners than Invisalign. These clear aligners have their own benefits but there are some disadvantages too and these are:

      As they ask the patient to take impressions which can be tricky for some of the users but if the impressions are taken wrong then you can imagine how the treatment will go. (For instance)the cost of Smile Direct Club impression kit is around $95 but if you take the 3D scan of your teeth it will cost higher. If something goes wrong, it is much more difficult to fix the problem, While Smile Direct might be appealing for adults on a strict budget, we find that having an orthodontist you can physically go and see is well worth the money, especially if there is a problem or concern.

      Best Invisalign Alternative- 32 Watts Clear Aligners by 32 Watts Smile Technologies

      32 Watts Clear Aligners

      If you are looking for the best clear aligners in India that can provide you foreign imported technology and made in India product then 32 Watts Clear Aligners b is the best possible choice. Above all 32 Watts clear aligners are removable, comfortable and very convenient to use. Reasons to choose 32 Watts:

      • The combined technology of US, Germany & Denmark
      • Qualified orthodontists that can give you the best possible solution
      • Highly specialized and expert manufacturing unit.
      • Equipped with the latest treatment planning software gives the best treatment option.
      • Guides you properly on how to use clear aligners.
      • Has 100+ affiliated clinics in India.
      • Corrects spacing, crowding, crossbite, overbite/overjet.
      • Treatment starts in 7 days after approval.
      • Delivers batch of clear aligners at your clinic or doorstep.
      • Full clinical and technical support throughout the treatment.

      A quick comparison between Invisalign and other clear aligner providers.

      Feature/Benefit Invisalign ClearCorrect K-Line SmileDirect 32 Watts
      Removable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Treatment Quality Higher Good Good Good High
      Treatment Support Yes Yes Yes Through a mediator Full technical & clinical support
      Cost Expensive Lesser than Invisalign Costly Costly Cheaper than others
      Result Go
      3D Scan Yes Yes Yes No Yes


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