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Render Wise Solutions Pvt. Ltd is recognised by the start-up city magazine in silicon India’s 10 best start-ups in Delhi-NCR.

This commitment of the listed company to offer reliable services and solution across varied domains, but also recognize companies impacting the burgeoning start-up ecosystem.

Render wise is an ISO 2015:9000 certified health care & engineering start-up built with a vision to provide precise and effective solutions in healthcare space primarily in custom devices that are built to size & specification for a specific person. The entire business is based on using cutting edge technology, tools and machinery to come up with up with the best health care device

Render wise Solutions has its own trademarked products naming 32 watts clear Aligners for Smile correction that are offered to orthodontists to be used for patients to provide corrective teeth alignment.

New technology has disrupted the teeth alignment solution with an invisible, simple looking, plastic tray that does wonder on a person’s teeth by progressively changing these invisible plastic trays called clear aligners. This is a very comfortable, convenient and very effective method of Smile correction, unlike Conventional Metallic braces.

The growth over the years:

Since inception, Render Wise has come a long way. The team is entirely focused on making 32 watts clear Aligners a credible and reckoned brand and they are extensively doing training, programs, and conference for doctors while providing them digital media support to educate and customers.

3d printing is an innovative technology that enables you to create a three-dimensional solid object from digital life. In order to print your desired object, you need a 3d digital model or can use a 3d scanner to get the file of an object for designing the object

Render Wise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the leading bureau in the 3D industry. A team of highly qualified and expert Professionals who can turn your imagination into reality. Its 3D manufacturing is powered by a team of industry and technology experts who are set on pushing manufacturing into the much sought after future. Render Wise work across industries with some of the largest brands and agencies, and have enabled start-ups and entrepreneurs to build what was thought to be never possible.

The way business is structured is to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders while providing the solution to the end customer at a very attractive price.

3D Services is the supreme printing and designing technology for low volume service parts for those who do not have the required tools, experts, to create a high-quality model. More and more industries are adopting this innovative, fast and cost-effective technology.


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