Tooth Transformations that will Make You Smile

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    Your smile is the first thing that people notice when they meet you. It says a lot about the wearer and can reveal how confident a person is or how comfortable they are about their appearance. If you are not confident of your smile or have the tendency to cover your mouth when smiling or laughing, many tooth transformation options are available that enable you to smile wholeheartedly. Let’s delve deeper into them.

    Why Opt for Tooth Transformation

    Everyone wishes to have a picture-perfect smile, with well-aligned sparkling white teeth. However, a vast majority of people have one or more aesthetic issue which dulls their smile. Tooth transformation or smile makeovers are treatments that can help improve the aesthetic of your smile and keep your teeth healthy too. Common cases where tooth transformation procedures are used include:

    • Yellowish or brown teeth
    • Cracked, chipped or broken teeth
    • Gummy smile (excessive show of gums while smiling)
    • Spaces between your teeth
    • Crowding of teeth
    • Crooked teeth

    Many dental treatment procedures can help treat one or more of the above aesthetic problems and uncover people’s happy smiles.

    What Types of Tooth Transformation Options Are Available?

    Let’s delve deeper into tooth transformation options that are routinely performed in a dental clinic!

    • Orthodontics

    Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with teeth alignment using braces and clear aligners. Orthodontists are specialists who perform these treatments. Different types of braces are used to align your teeth and these include– metallic, ceramic, self-ligating and invisible braces. Other appliances, called myofunctional appliances, are also used in younger patients.

    Braces have been around for decades and are highly effective in aligning teeth. As people’s choices and trends changed over time, braces began reducing in size and continued to become more discreet. Today, due to the reluctance of patients towards metallic and ceramic braces, clear invisible braces have become extremely popular.

    Clear invisible braces are transparent, polyurethane trays that move teeth into proper alignment without the need for any brackets and wires. This makes them invisible when worn on teeth and are the most aesthetic option available today.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      • Teeth whitening

      Stained or discoloured teeth can dull your smile and make you more conscious. Teeth whitening procedure performed by your dentist in the dental clinic can brighten and whiten your teeth, giving you more confidence to smile.

      Many people are shy about laughing or smiling as they fear their metallic fillings will show. However, with the recent advances in dental materials, tooth-coloured filling materials can be used to replace your old metallic ones, further brightening your smile.

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      • Crown and Bridge

      Many a time, a broken or decayed tooth can dull your smile. In most cases, people with these teeth report to the dentist with symptoms like pain, swelling, pus discharge or bad odour. Apart from these symptoms, these damaged teeth also affect your smile and confidence. A popular and effective way to restore and replace damaged teeth using crowns and bridges. A Crown is a cover-like structure placed over a modified existing tooth to restore its form, function and appearance. Missing teeth can be replaced using a bridge.

      • Veneers and Laminates

      While crowns and bridges are usually complete coverage prosthesis (they cover the entire tooth), laminates and veneers are partial coverage. In cases where the tooth has severe discolouration, pitting or spots but they are healthy, laminates and veneers are used. Veneers are a thin shell-like covering that is stuck on to the teeth to restore the form, function and appearance of teeth. They are usually used on the front teeth as part of cosmetic and aesthetic dental treatments. Laminates are similar to veneers but do not change the colour and shade of the teeth.

      • Dental Implants

      While bridges have been used to replace missing teeth for many decades, dental implants are the new-age tooth replacement options. Implants consist of three parts- the implant screw (made from biocompatible titanium metal and placed inside the jaw bone), the crown (which is the upper portion of the implant that mimics a natural tooth and is visible in the mouth) and the abutment (connects the screw to the crown).

      Apart from these procedures, scaling and polishing is a routinely done procedure that cleans calculus, plaque and stains from the teeth. In many people, a single scaling and polishing procedure can make a huge difference to their appearance and smile.

      If you are looking to improve your smile and wish to get your teeth aligned, contact us today or book your consultation with a 32Watts Aligners orthodontist right away!


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