Top 5 Reasons to Get Invisible Braces

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    Believe it or not, having a beautiful smile can have a strong positive impact on our lives. An important characteristic of having a beautiful, aesthetic smile is having straight, properly aligned teeth. But, let’s be realistic. Not everyone is blessed with properly aligned teeth. In fact, a whopping 56% of the world’s population has improperly aligned teeth(called malocclusion in dental terms).

    In order to bestow upon people the good fortune of having well-aligned or straight teeth, there are braces of different types– metallic, ceramic, self-ligating, and clear aligners. But, it is very common to hear people say “My crooked teeth are not affecting my appearance. I don’t want braces”. So, does that mean the only reason to get braces is for aesthetic reasons? Not really! Here are the top 5 reasons why you must get braces!

    Why Should You Get Invisible Braces?

    1. Makes it Easy to Clean Your Teeth

    When you have crooked teeth or teeth that are improperly aligned with each other, it is difficult and sometimes, impossible for a tooth brush to clean all the surfaces of your teeth. Also, when teeth are crooked or mal positioned, they have nooks and corners that are inaccessible to oral hygiene measures. Many people are unable to see these corners where their brush doesn’t reach. These inaccessible pockets are also difficult to floss. As a result, people with crooked teeth have frequent tooth decay, cavities and gum problems.

    Getting your teeth aligned with braces makes it super easy to brush all the surfaces of your teeth and floss between them. In the long run, having good oral hygiene goes a long way in preventing gum, teeth and bone problems too.

    2. Improves Your Chewing Efficiency

    The main function of your teeth is to help you chew and bite. When your teeth are well-aligned, they ensure you have a proper bite and subsequently, proper chewing efficiency, without stressing and straining your muscles too much.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

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      However, having crooked, improperly aligned teeth or teeth that don’t meet well put more stress on the jaw and muscles that cause the chewing movement with little efficiency. With braces treatment, your teeth will be aligned in such a way that your bite is corrected to ensure maximum biting and chewing efficiency.

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      3. Prevents Trauma to the Teeth and Jaws

      Lesser known signs and symptoms of improperly aligned teeth include jaw pain, facial and jaw muscle fatigue, and speech defects. This occurs because your improperly aligned teeth and bite cause constant trauma to your jaws. If you have forwardly placed teeth, it increases the risk of causing trauma to them during a fall. It is common to see teeth breaking, fractures and even losing teeth entirely due to the impact from trauma.

      In order to reduce risk of teeth and jaw trauma, most dentists will recommend getting orthodontic treatment using braces.

      4. Help You Live Longer

      Yes, having straight teeth makes you live longer! When you have well-aligned teeth, you are able to maintain good oral hygiene, which means minimum bacteria in the mouth. An increase in oral bacteria can cause other life-threatening conditions, especially those of the heart and lungs. Also, having healthy, well-aligned teeth ensures good eating habits, which further helps improve your body’s health.

      5. Of course! For a confident smile and increased self-confidence

      The most common benefit and indeed a significant one, is having a confident approach in life and increased self-confidence. When you have well-aligned teeth, you have an aesthetic, pleasant smile that you can flaunt all the time. This boosts one’s self- confidence and makes them confident in their daily life.

      With so many benefits of having straight, well-aligned teeth, it is highly recommended that you or your loved ones who have improperly aligned teeth must visit your dentist for braces treatment. If you wish to get your teeth aligned in the most aesthetic way possible, connect with aligners India right away for the best clear aligners in the country!

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