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    Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but only a few have that perfect smile naturally but what about others? Can they never change their smile to look more attractive and pleasant? There are various reasons for mal-alignment like heredity, poor oral care and other local and systemic factors. We all spend a lot of money on our clothes, our body, make-up, pieces of Jewellery to become different from others, BUT this all goes in vain if we don’t have that smile which makes us unique. A big thanks to Dentistry and the Orthodontic world, that they deal with our oral problems and correct them using the different method. They deal with aligning the teeth in the best possible position, thus achieving a harmony of the mouth and jaw that makes our smile beautiful ultimately. Aligners India is the website where you will get information about Aligners and their related things.

    Your Smile Is Your Biggest Asset, Never Compromise With It!

    It’s always a good idea to have your teeth straightened. It will not only improve your smile, but straight teeth also enhance the functioning of the teeth, jaw muscles and cleaning.

    In the recent years, there is a gradual increase in adult patients as compared to children patients coming for their teeth straightening. There are various dental and cosmetic options available that can help you to achieve your desired smile.

    In the recent years, there is a gradual increase in adult patients as compared to children patients coming for their teeth straightening. There are various dental and cosmetic options available that can help you to achieve your desired smile.

    What is Clear Aligner?

    The aligner is the most recent innovation in Orthodontics that has changed the way of teeth alignment. The aligner is the one-stop solution for patients seeking a safe treatment without affecting their lifestyle. Aligners are made up of medical grade plastic material which is transparent, which means no one will know that you are under some orthodontic treatment. Aligners are customized plastic trays that snugly fit over your teeth.

    The popularity of aligner has emerged in the past two decades, as it is invisible and more comfortable than metal braces. Aligners are made up of BPA free polyurethane plastic approved by the medical department, which means it is entirely safe to have them in your mouth.

    Aligners can treat:

    • Crowding of teeth
    • Deepbite conditions
    • Openbite conditions
    • Spacing in between teeth
    • Some Cosmetic Requirements

    Advantages of Aligners | Aligners India

    When it comes to your teeth you are looking for a beautiful smile like celebrities, have, by straightening them in a fixed position. Dentist/Orthodontists prefer aligner treatment over the others as it has many benefits and procedure goes smoothly and correctly. The aligners are almost invisible to anyone. No one will know that you are wearing something in your mouth. Another best part is you can remove aligners anytime, anywhere without any hassle. In fact, if you are sitting at a dinner table or enjoying the party, you will be able to remove them within seconds.

    There are so many other benefits of aligner treatment which are discussed further. Furthermore, aligners are comfortable to maintain and clean, a soft bristle toothbrush with the recommended toothpaste will be sufficient to clean them. This show from wearing, cleaning and keeping you will find aligners always a better option than braces.

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    Pros and Cons of Aligners | Aligners India

    Although aligners are the efficient way to straighten teeth, it has many advantages as well as cons too.

    Pros of Aligners:

    Aligners are Completely Removable: Yes, unlike other dental treatment of teeth straightening, aligners are completely removable. Doctors recommend you to wear them 20-22 hours a day to work them properly. If you are going for some trip, functions like wedding, meeting or a date you can remove them and store them in the provided carry case.

    • Comfortable, Flexible, and Convenient: Clear Aligners smoothly fits over your teeth without any irritation. Aligners are very convenient to use; you can wear them on your teeth within one minute. They are made as per a patient teeth structure that means it doesn’t hurt your gums. This makes aligners comfortable and painless.
    • Invisibility: The main USP of aligners are they are nearly visible. You don’t need to think much about its visibility. They are desperate to notice as they are made of transparent plastic which makes them colourless. Therefore, aligners won’t affect your personal, professional and social life at all.
    • No Restrictions on Eating & Drinking : You might be fond of eating, this can be a reason that you are not taking a dental treatment for your teeth. But with aligners, you don’t have to bother about the limitations on eating and drinking. Aligners allow you to enjoy any meal and drinks you want to.
    • Able to Maintain Oral Health: Your oral health is not compromised with aligners as they can be removed easily. Your mouth is the origin organ of your rest body; it should remain clean and healthy. The advantages of maintaining oral health with clear aligners are: it gives you access to brush your entire mouth, flossing ability, can use in conjunction with teeth whitening.

    Cons of Aligners:

    Unfortunately, there are cons of Aligners too, and here we are sharing them with you:

    • Required to Wear 22 Hours a Day: Of course, aligners are removable and lets you enjoy any meal and drink you want. But you have to be committed to wearing them for 22 hours a day throughout the overall duration to get the desired goal. This means you can only remove them for eating and doing oral hygiene. If you do not wear them for 22 hours daily, your treatment duration will expand further.
    • Takes time to Adjust: When you wear aligners for the first time, you may find them not changing, irritation and little pain. This all happens because aligners are made to shift your teeth gradually hence you may see them misfit and experience some discomfort. Your mouth would remain free until they are worn, and when you wear aligners, your teeth and mouth do not accept them initially. Therefore, some aligner manufacturers provide you a zero aligner before they start your treatment. They are specially made to make your mouth and teeth habitual for the aligners.
    • Expensive: The high tech machines produce aligners under the supervision of engineers and technicians. The making of aligners is a costly process which makes it a little bit costly. You must know every fee or charges before starting your aligner treatment. Any dental insurance does not cover them. Therefore, you must be aware of the overall cost of your treatment.
    • Need to Pay Attention: Aligners can help you to achieve your desired smile in a very convenient, comfortable and efficient way. Although, you need to give them importance. You should follow all the Do’s and Don’ts of aligners for a better result. From wearing, removing, cleaning and maintaining, it requires your attention. A little mistake will lead to aligner damage, discolouration, and dullness (if you eat & drink wearing aligners), re-purchase of the new aligner set.

    How are Clear Aligners better than metallic or ceramic braces?

    The traditional braces are made of wires and brackets used to straighten your teeth. Whereas, the aligners uses the latest technology to create a series of aligner as per the orthodontist recommendations. In aligners, you don’t have to think much about your eating habits and lifestyle. You may quickly remove them while eating and drinking (except water). Braces create limitations on eating and drinking habits you cannot eat anything you want, food particles quickly get stuck in them, and it becomes a tough task to clean them. So, aligners are for you if you to enjoy eating and drinking freedom without changing your lifestyle.

    How Aligner Works?

    Aligners are customized, made for an individual as per the treatment plan created by dentist/orthodontist. The aligners are made up of transparent, durable medical grade plastic which is invisible. Aligner also does work like braces and other teeth straightening treatment. Aligner gradually shifts your teeth by applying the needed force. A set of the aligner is made to move or rotate your teeth from 0.15 mm to 0.25 mm. You may face discomfort when the aligners are on; it shows the aligners are working fine.

    Each aligner is made to move or shift the teeth up to a limit. After that, the patient needs to switch to the new aligner set after two weeks, and that aligner set will move your teeth to a certain point, then you need to change them after two weeks and so on. The process continues until the treatment gets over. After you complete the duration of treatment, the dentist/orthodontist will give you a retainer-an orthodontic device used to maintain the final position of the teeth to make it their permanent place. You must wear the retainer every night as your doctor prescribes.

    History of Aligners/Journey of Aligners

    Dental treatments are performed since the ancient time. Researchers have found there were various methods and procedure for teeth straightening and other dental problems. Metallic braces treatment was invented in the early 19th century, and it was the most efficient way for teeth straightening. The journey and history of aligners/clear braces are very interesting.

    32 Watts Clear Aligner

    Get Special Discount on Clear Aligners

      In 1946, Dr H.D. Kesling developed a device ‘tooth positioner’, this appliance was used in Orthodontist at the end of treatment to allow teeth in occlusion, and the method was very useful in mouth massage. This invention became very popular but failed to be adopted as teeth straightening treatment. Dr H.D. Kesling found that significant tooth movements could be achieved without metal braces in coming time. His idea to retain the teeth in their ideal position through an orthodontic appliance led him to invent tooth positioner.

      Further improvements were made, but due to the low acceptance, the appliances failed to grab people’s attention. When first invisible braces or lingual braces invented in the early 1980s, orthodontists and patients did not want to use it. They became popular due to its invisibility or less visibility but the negative feedback was coming, patients were facing problems with lingual braces. These braces were irritating teeth and cheeks, hurting the gums and some had injuries in their mouth.

      They thought, the braces treatment is the best treatment, and they were utterly depended on metallic/ceramic braces.

      Back in 1997, the aligners were popularized by an American company. The sole purpose of establishing the company was to make the teeth straightening treatment more comfortable, convenient and flexible. Unfortunately, as it was new invention dentists and patients were not trusting it. So, the journey of the aligners as we know them today had officially started in that year. People were not aware of the new method, and it took a further ten years to create awareness of the new treatment.

      It is interesting to note that the founders of Aligner Treatment were not a dentist/orthodontist. In fact, they were bracing users, who were tired of braces. They found retainers work faster and repositioned the teeth smoothly, that incident turned into a new innovative idea, and they collaborated with the formal dental student to make that idea a reality and founded the first aligner company. They used their knowledge and understanding of computers to create an invaluable solution for patients who wanted a nearly invisible alternative to braces.

      How Much Teeth/Clear Aligners Cost?

      Are you considering clear aligners or braces? The aligner is a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the conventional metal braces. This new and innovative technology has changed the lives of many people irrespective of their age and profession. You must be wondering how much these aligners cost. The typical price of aligners India is usually a lot higher than regular braces but still cheaper than abroad.

      The cost of aligners ultimately depends on the type of treatment your orthodontist recommends for your teeth correction. There are other factors also due to which the aligners cost may differ, according to the manufacturer, quality, number of aligners, lab charges, etc. The minimal cost of an aligner treatment starts from INR 90,000 onwards. If we compare the cost of braces and aligners, aligners are slightly costlier than regular braces. There are many reasons why people prefer aligners over pairs, e.g., they are nearly invisible, convenient to use, removable, no dietary restrictions and fewer visits to the dentist.

      We suggest you consult a licensed orthodontist to get the exact treatment cost for your dental requirements.

      Aligners vs. Other Teeth Straightening Treatments

      The patients who want to straighten their teeth are now shifting from other teeth straightening treatments to aligner treatment. The aligner is an alternative to fixed metal braces and provides the same benefits with an added advantage of being invisible, comfortable and removable. Let’s have a glimpse over the available options for teeth straightening:

      1. Metal Braces: It is the most traditional and inexpensive method used for teeth straightening. In this, a dentist/orthodontist puts a metallic wire with brackets and tiny rubbers over the teeth of a patient. As they are wires, the drawback of wearing them is they are apparent. You cannot enjoy your favourite meal and drink, and it will harm the braces design, and you need to revisit your doctor for rearrangement of braces. Metal braces move your teeth with a thin wire, brackets, and rubbers and apply the pressure on the teeth and move them to the desired place. Metal braces can irritate gums and cheeks at first.
      2. Ceramic Braces: Ceramic pairs are made up of ceramic or porcelain. The brackets used in this method can be of any colour matching with your teeth or your choice. These are less noticeable than the metal braces. With ceramic pairs, it can be more challenging to move teeth into the desired position. Also, the maintenance is difficult; ceramic braces can turn into any colour, so you need to limit your eating and drinking. Ceramic braces are more sensitive and can easily break maintenance and take more time to install than metal braces, which increases overall treatment time and cost.
      3. Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are the great cosmetic alternative for those who want to straighten their teeth without the braces showing. These are worn behind the teeth that make teeth to remain out of sight. These are mounted on the backside (lingual and tongue side) of a patient’s mouth. The cost of lingual braces is expensive than traditional braces and clear aligners. The disadvantage with lingual braces is they don’t work well if you have small teeth, get in the way of the tongue, potentially causing speech problems and injuries, so you have to learn and practice speaking with them on.

      An alternative to above all- Aligners/Clear Braces

      1. Aligners or Clear Braces : Aligner is an efficient way to straighten your teeth without any discomfort and inconvenience. Aligners are custom-made, specially designed for an individual patient’s teeth structure. Aligners are the pair of trays made up of polyurethane plastic which fit in teeth without any pain and irritation except for first few times when you put them. With aligners, you don’t have to think much about visibility, as they are of bright or no colour aligners are nearly invisible that makes it more popular among teens and adults. Also, they are removable you could enjoy your favourite food and drinks just by removing them. Cleaning and maintenance of aligner are more natural than any other treatment. Just like with conventional braces, dental appointments are every six to eight weeks.

      Aligner Treatment Duration

      Most of you want a quick way to straighten your teeth. Good things do not happen quickly; you need to be patient. Many factors show how long your treatment will be. The procedure will go faster than braces for those patients who just need moderate to mild alignment corrections. Each aligner will move your teeth an almost imperceptible amount over a two-week period. Moderate to mile adjustment can be done in 6-8 months. Individually, there are quite a few things that will lengthen your treatment time, even beyond your orthodontist’s initial estimate. However, the exact treatment duration will depend on the case complexity. We have seen most of the cases get over for an average period of 12 months.

      On average, most orthodontists believe that teenagers will need for about a year, while adults may need it for up to two years. There is no perfect formula for determining how long a patient will need treatment, as every patient has their unique tooth alignment that will be a factor.

      Complex cases go for a more extended period. For example, if you have many teeth misalignment than the treatment will be more prolonged while when only a few alignments are needed, the procedure ends within a short duration. Duration also depends on your behaviour towards aligners, many people refuse to wear them for the prescribed time, i.e., 22 hours a day. Therefore, treatment tends to take longer.

      What comes with Aligner Kit?

      In the Aligner Kit, you will get:

      • Sets of Aligners
      • Care Guide
      • Tools- Chewies and Outies
      • 3D Models of teeth (initial and final stage)
      • Carry Case
      • Aligner Cleaning Kit

      When you get started with your aligner treatment, your dentist/orthodontist will provide you with the Aligner Starter Kit. In the kit, you will get the user manual explaining how to use aligners, precautions of aligners, dos and don’ts, etc. The package contains the initial set of aligners which are labelled according to their sequence and marked of upper as U and lower as L. Tools like chewies and outies are provided which are designed to make the aligner insertion and removal process more comfortable. Chewies and Outies are very helpful for the patients who find it difficult to wear and remove aligner due to their involved teeth structure. Clear Aligners can be the best choice for teens and adults as they are transparent, removable and easy to clean and maintain, unlike metal braces.

      A carry case is provided with the starter kit. You should not put your aligners anywhere; aligners can become dirty quickly when they left in the unwanted atmosphere. Therefore, you must always use the carry case for aligner hygiene and quality.

      Furthermore, you will get the aligner cleaning kit. You are recommended to use the only suitable material for cleaning your aligners. These tools play a crucial role in the maintaining, cleaning of aligners also these will increase the lifespan of each aligner.

      Where to get Clear Aligners in India?

      If you are seeking for aligner treatment in India, then you could choose among various aligner providers and dentist/orthodontists. But to get the best treatment you must compare at least 3-4 service providers. 32 Watts Clear Aligners is one of the most emerging aligner manufacturers and consultant in India. At 32 Watts Clear Aligners, we assure to provide best quality aligner at a very affordable price.

      Why choose 32 Watts Clear Aligners?

      • Consult with highly experienced Orthodontists and specialists
      • Our Orthodontist will provide you with the best possibilities in your case as per your needs.
      • Use of latest 3D intra-oral scanner.
      • Planning of treatment by an experienced team of Orthodontists.
      • You will get the starter kit within five days.
      • Start your smile journey with
      • Achieve your goal within the determined duration.

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