How Are Aligners Made ?

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    Aligners industry is emerging so rapidly at present time. And why not? It has changed the life of so many. It uses the latest advanced technology developed by the experts. Aligners offer the much faster and convenient way to straighten the teeth to fix them in a perfect position. If you are curious about clear aligners and want to know how aligners are made? Then, How Are Aligners Made article will clear all your doubts. In the making of aligners, there is a process to be followed by technicians and orthodontists.

    How Are Aligners Made ?

    At the very first step, Orthodontist understands the needs and requirements of a patient, after the consultation he/she finalizes if the patient’s case is appropriate for aligners or not and prepares the treatment plan for you with other experts. Your teeth might need fewer aligners, the number of aligners increase as per the severity of the case. This all decided by the specialists. All the patients do not have the same problem, therefore, the treatment duration, the number of aligners varies.

    How Are Aligners Made

    How Are Aligners Made ?

    • Orthodontist Consultation
    • Treatment plan with experts
    • Intra Oral Scanning
    • Printing of 3-D models
    • Manufacturing of aligners
    • Cleaning and finishing

    Consultation: It is first and most important part, orthodontist reviews the patient’s need and requirements. Dentist/Orthodontist analyses the patient’s mouth and figure outs which kind of teeth correction you are required. There are many causes that lead to Orthodontic treatment like Gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, overbite etc. all these need correction.

    How are aligners made

    Treatment Plan: Once the orthodontist suggests the aligners treatment, a team of experts including orthodontist prepares the treatment plan. Depending on how much your teeth need to move, they conclude the number of aligners and duration of the whole treatment.

    Scanning: A technician scans the mouth with the highly advanced machine, there is no pain during the scanning also it has eliminated the need for the impressions that taken before. In this, an exact structure of mouth comes as a 3-D image on the system. The scanning process completes with 2-3 minutes, it is very fast, convenient and accurate.

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      Treatment Planning

      3-D Model: The 3-D technology is used to create the model of your upper and lower teeth. Technicians produce the current structure as well as the progressed models up to the final position. You can have the complete treatment structure in your hand before it gets started.

      3D Model

      Manufacturing of Aligners: Finally, after getting the 3-D models of patient’s teeth, the manufacturing of aligner begins. Medically approved plastic polyurethane is used in the making of aligners its BPA free and the plastic is safe for use. The aligners are much customized and they get the proper position in your mouth. They look like a tray which is nearly invisible.

      Manufacturing of Aligners

      Finishing and cleaning: When the final aligners are produced, they go through the last process. They get final finishing by a technician who makes sure that the aligners are perfectly made and up to the mark to fit in the patient’s mouth.

      Finishing and cleaning

      Aligners should be worn all the times except while eating and drinking in order to complete the treatment on time determined by your doctor. During the treatment, there will be less dentist/orthodontist visit. As you change the aligners set you may experience the gradual movement of the teeth. Aligners are an efficient way to straighten the teeth rather than having the braces.

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