Why Should you Remove Aligners While Eating ?

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    If you are thinking of having the aligners treatment for straightening your teeth, you will surely get the desiring teeth correction. Aligners are an effective way to correct crowded, overbite, gaps between teeth etc., all can be resolved through aligners. One of the greatest advantages of aligners is that you can enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks. But aligners require your attention for their maintenance. You must follow all the precautions given by your dentist/orthodontist for good result. Your dentist probably told you to Remove Aligners While Eating and drinking (except water), today we will tell you in detail “Why aligners should be removed while eating and drinking?”

    Why Should you Remove Aligners While Eating ?

    Discolouring: Aligners are transparent, invisible in nature but if you wear them while eating food, pigments of the food will leave its colour due to which aligner will become discoloured. Liquids like tea, coffee other beverages can easily stain the easily stain the aligners. To prevent this, you must brush your teeth before putting them back in the mouth and rinse the aligner in lukewarm water or by using the provided cleaning teeth.


    Cracking, Breaking of Aligners: There is no doubt aligners are durable and strong, aligners are made up of polyurethane plastic approved by the medical department. Its plastic is very thin and transparent. You should be careful when they are in your mouth- never bite strongly, chew anything, pinch them do not apply unneeded force on aligners.

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    If damaged even a little, the tray will not be as effective in aligning your teeth properly. You may get crack in them this will lead to the repurchase of the same aligner obviously you have to pay for it. If the aligners you are wearing, are near to get replaced by the new one don’t take the present aligner lightly. Just put them pack in their carry case and wear the new one.

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      Other Reasons: Do not wear aligners when you are chewing gum, Chew gum will affect the aligners because gum may stick in aligners and create a path for bacteria and food particles to dwell in. A distorted aligner will not be able to effectively straighten your teeth. Furthermore, brush your teeth after every meal or beverage before putting in your aligners to prevent plaque and decay. If the aligners not comfortable or irritating you do not try to trim or modify the aligners. In this, you should contact your dentist and share your problem. Visit your dentist/orthodontist in such cases.

      One must follow all precautions and handle the aligners properly. To know more about the aligner treatment consult with an Orthodontist.

      FAQs related to why should you Remove Aligners While Eating?

      Do I Need to Remove Aligners While Eating?

      Food can easily get stuck in aligner and will damage them. So, it is always advised to remove your aligners while you eat or drink. It the most popular advantages of having aligners, they are removable and allows you to eat your desired meal and drink.

      I Start My Day with Tea/Coffee, Do I Need to Remove Aligners?

      Yes, tea and coffee and contains high colour pigment if you wear aligners when you are drinking coffee or tea, it will leave colour on aligner and aligner will become discoloured.

      Can I Chew Gum While Wearing Aligners?

      Chewing gum is not good for aligners as it may get stuck in the aligners. Therefore, orthodontists advise you to do so.

      Can I Drink Alcohol When Wearing My Aligners?

      No, Because of the high sugar content in alcohol, you want to make sure sugar is not trapped between your teeth and aligner. The same applies for any sugary beverage.

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