How to Maintain Oral Hygiene? What Are The Best Oral Hygiene Tips?

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    When it comes to oral hygiene, perhaps you fall into the category of lazy people. Brushing two times is not sufficient for complete oral health you have to do much more. Good smile requires proper oral maintenance. Poor oral hygiene can leave a wrong impression on people you interact with daily. In fact, poor oral health can invite many diseases that may turn into severe problems. So, consider the following tips we are sharing below and feel more confident about your oral health.

    Before we get started, you must be curious to know what diseases occur due to poor or bad oral hygiene:

    • Gum diseases
    • Tooth decay
    • Mouth Ulcers
    • Toothache
    • Infection
    • Tooth/Bone loss and many more

    Oral Hygiene Tips

    So, here are some useful tips to maintain good oral hygiene:

    Brushing & Flossing

    Brushing and flossing is the essential requirement to keep your mouth germ free. It is recommended that whenever you brush your teeth, position the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees. Start cleaning the outer teeth surface, up-down, right and left. Always brush the teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush of good quality and replace it after three months. Don’t rush the brush, do it softly.

    Flossing cleans that part of your teeth which cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush. Flossing removes the food particles lodged between teeth. We recommend flossing 2-3 times in a day.

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    Plaque is a sticky layer that accumulates on the teeth surface and contains bacteria in it. Your toothbrush might be unable to reach them. The food you consume daily leaves many bacteria that produce acid in your mouth and creates plaque. You can get rid of plaque by brushing and cleaning between teeth and its surfaces.

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      Rinse With A Mouthwash

      It acts as a supplement to your oral health. You should add this to your daily routine for better oral health. Rinsing can prevent and kill bacteria in your mouth, and it reduces plaque activity also. Do not rinse with water after mouthwash; it is not advisable to do so for mouthwash effective for longer periods.

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      Tongue Scrappers

      The numerous bacteria of the tongue originate a bad breath. To clean it many tongue cleaners are available in the market and some toothbrushes have it on their backside.

      Do Not Consume Soda, Coffee, Alcohol In Excess

      Such kind of beverages can harm teeth enamel and make it weak. Moreover, it will stain the colour of the teeth that can make you under confident while speaking or smiling. Coffee, alcohol, and soda contain a high level of phosphorous. However, phosphorus is a necessary mineral for teeth, but in excess quantity, it only harms the teeth.

      Say No To Tobacco

      Tobacco leads to severe diseases. For teeth also it is very harmful. If you avoid it as much as possible, you could save yourself from oral or mouth cancer.

      Oral hygiene is as important as our overall general health. Therefore, pay attention towards your mouth and stay away from oral diseases. Visit your dentist on a regular basis even if you do not have any oral problems.

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