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    ClinCheck Software is a proprietary software of Invisalign that enables an orthodontist and his/her patient to view the treatment result digitally. It is the most advanced 3D software designed for a better experience that allows you to visualize the patient’s teeth more precisely. The ClinCheck software is used for viewing a ClinCheck treatment plan that is developed from a doctor’s orthodontic prescription. The ClinCheck software can also be used to exchange information with Align about any changes the doctor would like to make to the treatment plan. When the doctor approves a treatment plan, aligners are manufactured and sent to the doctor to use in an Invisalign treatment.

    Invisalign ClinCheck Software

    Invisalign ClinCheck Treatment Planning Software allows you for:

    • The 3D visual interface lets your doctor customize your treatment
    • The algorithm helps calculate just the right amount of force for every tooth movement
    • The software, with input from your doctor, helps ensure every tooth moves in the right order and at the right time

    How to login to Invisalign ClinCheck Software?

    Logging in to Invisalign ClinCheck software is very easy, you just have to follow these points:

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      • Open a browser (any browser).
      • Go to the URL invisalign.com
      • Once the Invisalign site opens go to the doctor section on the top right corner.
      • A welcome screen will appear asking for login ID and password.
      • Enter the provided login credentials by Invisalign.

      How to use to Invisalign ClinCheck Software?

      • After successful logging into doctor’s panel. Your list of treating patients will appear.
      • Click on a review treatment plan of the patient you to view.
      • Then click ‘View ClinCheck Plan’

       Invisalign Treatment Planning Software

      Toolbar option allows you to visualize the patient’s teeth more precisely.

      To download the official Invisalign ClinCheck software go to invisalign.com

      Taking control of the ClinCheck means taking advantage of the new tools to decrease the number of modifications and decrease the amount of ClinCheck time by implementing more efficient processes. A systemized ClinCheck process means that review of the ClinCheck follows a habitual series of repeatable steps for modifications so nothing is missed.

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