The Evolution of Invisible Braces


Aligners which are used to straighten the teeth were not like the way they look now. It took a hundred years to create a transparent, removable, convenient appliance for tooth straightening. Aligners are the latest technology ever developed in Orthodontist world. It cannot be denied, if the technology keeps improving the metal braces will become history. Today, we will discuss The Evolution of Invisible Braces– Aligners, starting from 1925 to present day.

The Evolution of Invisible Braces

In 1946, Dr. H.D. Kesling developed a device ‘tooth positioner’, this appliance was used in Orthodontist at the end of treatment to allow teeth in occlusion, and the method was very useful in mouth massage. This invention became very popular but failed to be adopted as teeth straightening treatment. Dr. H.D. Kesling found that significant tooth movements could be achieved without metal braces in coming time. His idea to retain the teeth in their ideal position through an orthodontic appliance led him to invent tooth positioner. Dr. Kesling said, “In future major tooth movements could be achieved by using a series of these tooth positioners with some new techniques. Positioners could be changed when there will be an improvement in the treatment. But presently, this appliance does not seem to be working.”

Later on, people were looking for an aesthetic solution for their teeth straightening requirements. Therefore, orthodontists started to develop new appliances.

Evolution of Orthodontic Braces

In the early 1980s, first invisible braces were invented Lingual Braces. In this, the pairs were placed behind the teeth, and they were less visible as compared to metal/ceramic braces. They became popular due to its invisibility or less visibility. But the negative feedback was coming; patients were facing problems with lingual braces. It was irritating, hurting the gums and some had injuries in their mouth. The speech was also affected as they are worn behind the teeth and tongue was touching braces that changed the address. Therefore, people started avoiding lingual braces treatment. So, it remains the choice until the 1980s.

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Evolution of Teeth Braces

An American orthodontist J.J. Sheridan developed his type of aligner system in the year 1993. He named his aligner Essix; his appliance became popular in North America. He produced a series of thermoformed plastic overlays used in tooth-moving machines.

Evolution of Aligners

In 1997, the aligners were invented by two MBA students came up with clear aligner concept and founded Align Technology. The sole purpose of establishing the company was to make the teeth straightening treatment more comfortable, convenient and flexible. It is interesting to note that the founders of Aligner Treatment were not a dentist/orthodontist. In fact, they were bracing users, who were tired of braces. They found retainers work faster and repositioned the teeth smoothly, that incident turned into a new innovative idea, and they collaborated with the formal dental student to make that idea a reality and founded the first aligner company.

Evolution of Dental Braces

Now at present, 3D technology is used to take impressions of teeth, and a team of orthodontists plans your treatment. The treatment is entirely customized and computerized as per your needs. If we sum up the bright and invisible braces journey it was Dr. Kesling who first invented the device and used it, and Sheridan was the one to validate it clinically, then it was Align Tech that popularized dental aligners worldwide.

Well, all the orthodontists were working to provide patients with a comfortable, convenient and hassle-free treatment for their teeth straightening. Aligner increases your confidence level throughout the procedure without affecting your lifestyle. To avail the benefits of clear braces, you must consult with a licensed orthodontist to know whether you are the right candidate for clear braces or not.